Globalization Has Disconnected The World. Comment.

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Sending a text message from our phone, checking our e-mails, surfing the internet, eating at a fast-food joint ... These are just few of the things many of us do everyday that involves globalization. The ubiquity of globalization is hence undeniable, and its influence far-reaching, yet we have to question, has it therefore, drawn the world closer together? On the contrary, this same ubiquity of globalization has often turned into a double-edged sword, drawing people, and countries further apart instead of bringing them closer, disconnecting the world, instead of connecting it. This is evidenced in many spheres, among family and friends, between different racial and religious groups, within a country, and between countries. Hence, this phenomenon of growing integration of the world through the breakdown of international borders, has ironically resulted in the breakdown of relationships between people, societies and countries.On a personal level, the appeal of Western influence, or Americanization of many societies has, to a large extent contributed to the breakdown in familial ties and communication. Greater ease of travelling, globalization of many firms has led to people being away from home more often than not, and these absences result in the distancing of relationships between friends and family. Even if people remain at home, the internet, with its array of entertainment offers at one's fingertips, keeps many glued to the screen. For example, 17% of youth in an independent research study in Singapore were found to use the internet for more than 5 hours a day. Family time becomes relegated to near oblivion by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, MSN and other online phenomena. On a more psychological level, the value systems of the younger generation has been shifted by the overwhelming influence of pop culture which has been deeply assimilated into their lives. Traditional values and cultures are gradually being eroded by the onslaught of American culture which promotes mass consumerism, hedonism, promiscuity and other undesirable traits. These tend to drive a wedge between generations, creating breakdown in communications and relationships. Thus in these aspects, globalization pulls people apart, disconnecting interpersonal relationships.On a societal level, technological advancements in transportation systems and networks have resulted in large scale migrations of people to different countries, particularly from developing nations to developed nations. This has resulted in numerous problems, including the breakdown of relationships between locals and the foreigners. Though they may be more geographically connected, differences in backgrounds, cultures and value systems have driven migrants and locals apart. Though they get to interact more, this interaction ironically drives a wedge between them. This is evident in Singapore, as seen by the furore over the housing of construction workers in Serangoon Gardens. In other countries, there are many...

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