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Globalization = Western ImperialismModern science and all the various process that are involved with the modernization process evolved because of the progress made by the western countries and the progress made in the field of science, medicine and the notions held in respect of human rights and liberty. There are several sections of individuals who state that dissatisfaction that people seem to have is that they are troubled with their daily life. But when analyzing we can realize that the actual dissatisfaction of individuals arises forms the modern life that they need and in comparison to that the others around the world lead. The term globalization is used to describe the various changes ...view middle of the document...

With this view, most of the contemporary capitalist trying to get their best out of it have come up with many rules of trade and business that are not in favor of the poorer section of the society.Customary rudiments like possession of assets and power are combined nowadays to join the various cultural industries so that they can set up a cultural dependency that is caused because of the economic dependency that is caused by the capitalist system. It cannot be really said as to if the global capitalistic market is actually beneficial or not, but the basic fact is that it is present here and is also here to stay. In today's world where globalization plays a very important role in the structural element of the capitalist market it in a way increases the innate discrimination of the current system actually of the system as discrepancy between the rich and poor grow. Although it can be rightly said that economic imperialism looms remarkably high. Even though there has been great technological progress, still there are those individuals who if not able to keep up with the technological pace shall have no option but to be hard-pressed by the margins of power. A huge increase in the disproportion in capital and possessions, in the present condition where information and knowledge are most important it is necessary that we try our best to reduce our disappointment and apprehension which forms the most important reactions of movements.Currently the entire concept of globalization is very western in ideology. This westernizing process is still tied up to the concept of capitalism, working to try and broaden the gap that these western economies have created so easily in the terms of economy, sociology and also politically. The main concept of globalization is to try and promote the ideas of the western culture and think of it to be more superior. They seem to provide a sense of control and also a feeling that they know the entire concept. But this does not mean that the direct opposition to any of the eastern or occidental economic design. But still the entire concept is very troubling. But the current concepts and ideas are so enveloping that they seem to come across being of utmost importance to many of the developing countries. When referred to imperialism earlier it was always meant to define an economic, political and military technique to try and destabilize the actual working sovereignty of the country. But now a days the definition seems to have changed and is used to refer to cultural imperialism by way of which machines are used to rapidly expand the communication network to deluge the nations with the western ideology (Ellwood, 14).Considering the fact that globalization has been on since many centuries, in the past twenty years the growth has been tremendous and worth noticing as to its growth in intensity, scope and also the way it has made itself be noticeable to the public. It is during this period that it can be said that the entire process...

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