Globalization In China: The Good And The Bad.

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Globalization has been a very controversial topic through out our word today; China has been a great example of what globalization can do to a developing country. But when we look deeply into the roots of china we realize china may not have benefited as much as some think. China has had one of the richest cultural backgrounds in the world. This majorly changed as globalization worked its way into the heart of china; changing the culture with it. After china opened its doors to free trade it became a central for factory lines. Working conditions changed drastically and factories where created on a way bigger sale. The environment in china has under went many changes in the last two decades, a major contributor of this was when globalization started working in china. Globalization has changed there work force, china’s rich cultural background and there developing environmental issues.
China’s work force has underwent dramatic change over the last two decades. China’s work force has had much stress put on them from translational companies to make products with high efficiency for cheap. A part of globalization is trade and the global market. China has been a good example on how it can have a negative impact on a countries work force. China was a perfect place for translational companies to export there products from there. This has made china an export powerhouse. This has put a huge amount of stress on the work force and caused unnecessary problems to the workers. A big problem that workers face today is the problem of forced labour. With all the demand to get products many labourers are forced to work 36-160 hours “voluntarily to be able to receive there wages at the end of the month. Even if they do work those “voluntarily” hours the salary that they are paid is not enough to actually support them. Another issue that workers in china face is the issue of Not singing on to a labour union. Many labor chains down in china do not allow there workers to sign with labour unions. This results in labour abuses towards the workers. They have no labour unions working towards there common interests therefore making labour abuses very common. Lastly when people investigated the labour chains located in china, they found out that strategies to make the employees work include military enforcement. These are all causes of stress put on china as a country that result in labour abuses. This shows a negative impact globalization imposes on countries through trade.
China has always been renowned for the deep cultural history it has imposed. Ever since the beginning of there society it has been culture rich, there are special courses in school, and way of thinking that all contribute in a huge way in there culture. Over the last 10 years, chinas culture has been deeply changed and altered; mostly due to globalization. Many global clothing companies opened up which severely affected the culture in china. People started moving away from traditional...

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