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Turkey Culture
People all over the world are seeing and feeling the effects of globalization in their day to day lives. Rapid development in technology and high speed communication has made the technology change harder for some developing countries to cope with. Turkey is one of the many countries that is taking this change the hardest, especially in the last 20 years, as a result of mayhem they have been enduring. Turkey has been experiencing all of this instability more severely than any other European country. Here, I will evaluate the recent advances in Turkey, as well as the effects globalization has had on them, and argue the adverse effect globalizations has on Turkey.
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The language spoken in Turkey is Turkish, which is very similar to the Uralic-Altaic language spoken across Finland to China (“Culture of Turkey”, n.d.). Their Latin built text was derived from Arabic and Persian characters. Arabic is commonly spoken in Turkey’s southern areas, but over the years, English has become the most popular foreign language taught in schools.
Certain attires in the Islamic culture had been announced unlawful by the government in 1920 (“Culture of Turkey”, n.d.). A variety of people converted to western dress practices, though a small portion still holds on to the permitted traditional attire. Most women wear a modest blouse and pantaloons (trousers). Women typically cover their head and mouth with a scarf, which is considered as a sign of modesty (“Culture of Turkey”, n.d.). Outfits worn by the women in Turkey are typically a bit more traditional than those worn by men. Even today, women wear these large pants and skirts, and the traditions continue. Many religious women still cover their heads, but with a western style scarf (“Culture of Turkey”, n.d.). Men’s traditional clothing is a caftan (cotton or silk long sleeved, ankle length garment), pants, slippers and turban. Recently they have incorporated western style of clothing, or a blend of the both. Since wearing a turban has been outlawed, the men now wear cloth caps instead (“Culture of Turkey”, n.d.).
In conjunction with the developmental processes of globalization in Turkey, the growth of electronics, and internet, is aiding in forming their identities. Concentrating on the changes that have been made in Turkey, the Islamic culture has resulted to exercise its influences with ideological apparatuses (Taslaman, 2013). Consequently, communication in Turkey has decreased the state’s knack to evolve and mold society per its ideological apparatuses. Global culture and the spread of alternate ideology are the two main causes of this. Global culture is changing society with media. The media is increasing their role and spreading information,which is stealing the part from the ideological state apparatuses (Taslaman, 2013). As for the spread of alternate ideology, this is spreading like wildfire. As in America, it is shaping each person little by little. The increase of the media has reduced number of people who attend school, and church, which is used to form these people. Furthermore, it has become difficult to compete with the importance of media, so it has decreased the familial influence, as well as the structural influence.
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