Globalization Is Destroying The World Essay

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Sociological Roots
The creation of globalization isn’t new. It has been around as long as humanity has been mobile. In the most recent decades has the theory of globalization really started to gain traction. With the new modes of information transfer and logistical efficiency did globalization take off at an exponential rate. The increase and effects of globalization, whether good or bad, was brought to the public’s attention. This essay seeks to explore globalization in its various forms through critical analysis, and summarize with this author’s personal ideals.
Firstly, what is globalization? It is the spread and practical use of traditions whether that is political, economical, or cultural. They may be a copy of other regional attributes or a mix that is referred to as hybridity. In the public imagination it seems that only the political and economical effects are felt first and the hardest, at least in America. I say this because of the loss of industrial jobs, and because of favorable policy to foreign nations have been noticeable in the last couple decades, such as seen from the effects of NAFTA.
Globalization in its self isn’t a theory, but an actuality and it is sometimes referred to as modernization. The theory is rather an analysis of what is, and wants to better understand it so that the knowledge gained can be used in guidance for the betterment of humanity. Being global rose from the spread and concern for the effects, and has roots in the modernization theory. Though this theory is relatively young, it has several core theorists such as Anthony Giddens, Ulrich Beck, Zygmunt Bauman and George Ritzer among many others (Ritzer 2008). For this essay I will analyze Immanuel Wallerstein and Roland Robertson.
There is a thought that globalization is the expansion of Western and American ways to other parts of the world. However, Ritzer (2008:448) feels that the there is a tendency that most theorists tend to focus on independent aspects that are not influences of Western policy. The four core parts of globalization are economics, politics, culture, and institutions. Each of these four core parts have positives and negatives, but it really depends on the use of global practices and how they fit into that society. Acceptance isn’t always granted by all and there are chances of backlash that could result in violence or governmental oppression of those who do resist.
Issues of the Theory
It is difficult to say that globalization is only a theory, it isn’t a complete abstract idea either, but you can’t dig into a barrel and grab a handful of globalization. Rather it is a fact of modern society; it is as real as the air we breathe. As an analysis of the global homogeneity it seeks to understand the origins of globalization, its structure, and its purpose from a past to present view.
Origination is debatable because it would require clear defining of periods of time and concepts. It can be said though with...

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