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Globalization Leads To The Demise Of The State

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The mercantilists were the very first group of thinkers to relate economic prosperity with international trade. They believed that the strength of a nation is determined through its possession of precious metals or bullions. As the state generally invaded neighboring nations and set up colonies, thereby provide no new market to the traders; mercantilists always supported the existence of a powerful state. (O’Rourke, 1999) The mercantilists’ view of state interference in international trade and other affairs were severely criticized by the Father of the Modern Economists, Adam Smith. Smith initiated the generation of classical economists and Ricardo, Marshall and others later backed his ideas, the classical view was dashed to the ground, courting the Great Depression. Maynard’s Keynes suggested a strict government intervention in order to stabilize the economy and lead it the point of prosperity. (Keynes, 1965) Following the Keynesian doctrine, the concept of planned economy emerged. This concept received fertile soil to prosper at the background of socialist movement in Soviet Russia and later in China. For around sixty years the concept of planned economy has been embraced by several nations of the world. The role of state is extremely important in a planned economy, as it is the state that formulates the policies and then implements them. When the planned economic set up failed to deliver what was expected owing to high level of corruption among the government officials, the bureaucrat politician nexus and lack of political will, then at the beginning of 1990, a new concept began to emerge in the global economic scenario and was later termed as globalization. (O’Rourke, 1999)Globalization was not a new concept when the European countries were making efforts to unite under one hood to prevent American aggression even at that time the essence of globalization was present. The only difference between the globalization in nineties and globalization of the period was in diminishing role of state in economic affair. Another distinguishing factor was the cultural inroad that globalization in the nineties initiated.Globalization is actually a combination of liberalization and privatization that finally leads to a broader concept called globalization. Liberalization opens up a country to the rest of the world whereas privatization redistributes the national resources from the public sector to the private sector. It is evident that such redistribution will necessarily reduce the power of the state, as it would not be the sole owner of natural resources any more. Under globalization, it faces seldom interference in day-to-day business and restricts its interests into external and internal defense of the country. Very seldom it has been found that state keeps those resources such as power and mining under its possession as they are important to national security and common welfare.All these reduce the power of the state and day-by-day,...

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