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Globalization Of America Essay

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What is globalization? According to the definition, it is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. In order for the United States to remain a world power, this is one of the necessary evils that must be in place in order to achieve this goal. But to what extent is globalization required? Globalization reemerged around the mid-1980s and comes with pros, cons, and possible corruption.
Globalization is not all bad. It was this process that created jobs around the globe and allowed companies to develop and grow to heights never imagined. It also encourages competitiveness among businesses which lowers costs for consumers. Along with these lower costs there is also a wider range of product choices available. Companies such as Wal-Mart and Target are in a constant pricing war to gain loyal customers. Goods made in the United States as well as overseas are now widely available at the touch of a button with little to no effort. This interchange of goods opens the door for cultures to become more tolerant of one another. Furthermore, other countries are assisted by the creation of new opportunities due to the financial and industrial aspects of globalization.
Some say that globalization began back in the days of slavery as Africans were taken and transported from their homes to different parts of the world. During the globe-trotting times of early sailors, contrasting ideas and ways of life were shared with people of variant cultures. This led to mutual respect for others around the globe. Things such as spices, potatoes, and coffee were considered high commodities and contributed greatly to the early globalization era. For instance, spices such as cinnamon and ginger were used in various medical prescriptions and was only available in Europe during the Middle- Ages. Voyagers such as Christopher Columbus felt the demand for these items warranted greater exploration into Europe bringing about colonialism.
Due to globalization, larger business owners have chosen to outsource their firms to overseas locations in order to take advantage of poverty-stricken workers. These individuals work in labor camps under horrid conditions while facing social injustices all for less than a third of what an American worker requires. There is of course less accountability for these companies because they tend to turn a blind eye on the oppression and cry out that they had no idea what was going on. These companies not only reap the benefits of reduced operational cost, but they also receive tax breaks from the government that should be reserved for those institutions who operate within the confines of the United States borders. International corporations benefit enormously from tax breaks which basically lead them to send more and more of their business abroad in order to put more and more of their profits into their pockets. Once these jobs have been relocated to an overseas...

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