Globalization Processes And Concepts Essay

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Globalization: Definition, Processes and Concepts
Sandu CUTERELA - PhD student National Defense University « Carol I »
Abstract The paper initiates from two assumptions: the first one is that globalization is an
inevitable phenomenon, characterizing our development era, a phenomenon that the human society is forced to understand, because for the first time, it questions the surviving and evolution of the human society. The second is that globalization, as a socio-historical phenomenon, manifested itself firstly as a theory, then as a practical necessity, becoming a strategy for the constitution of a sole market, spread across a huge surface, the engulfs states, regions, continents. This paper presents the economical, political, cultural, social and risk changes, that influences the rise and stabilization of the phenomenon of globalization. This complex process is linked to the economical power of the big, industrialized states ad, unfortunately, of the great transnational companies. The process itself brings together countries with different development views, with different religions and cultures, and, most important, ex colonialist countries and their old colonies. The conclusion of the paper discusses ways of understanding, controlling and diminishing of the negative effects and collateral losses manifested since the initialization of the phenomenon and its settling in a certain region.
Key words: Culture, Economic, Global, Globalization,International, Multinational, National, Market , Regional JEL Classification: F60
Definitions The term globalization comes from English, as base of the word "globalization"
which refers to the emerging of an international network, belonging to an economical and social system1. One of the earliest uses of the term "globalization", as known, was in 1930 - in a publication entitled Towards New Education - to designate an overview of the human experience in education2. A near-term "giant corporations" was used in 18973 by Charles Russell Tazel to describe the big national trusts and other large enterprises of the time. Since 1960 both terms began to be used interchangeably by economists and researchers in social sciences and were used until about mid 1980. Since the invention of the concept, globalization has inspired numerous interpretations definitions and has had a history going back in time to the great commercial 1 "Globalization". Online etimologi dictionary. 2 "Globalization". Oxford English Dictionary Online. September 2009. n&first=1&max_to_show=10. 3 "''The Battle of Armageddon'', October, 1897 pages 365-370". Retrieved 31 July 2010.

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