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Globalization's Future Essay

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Does Globalization Have a Future?Globalization, an especially controversial issue, has been the center if much debate and has raised numerous questions. Its process have been viewed as beneficial, as well as a producer of unfavorable results and consequences. However, before the issues and concerns of globalization, it is essential to establish or define globalization and all it encumbers. Globalization is seen as "econocentric, technocentric [and] commodocentric," abstracted from the general societal context in which economies, technologies, and commodities operate (Cernea, Michael (1996) Social Organization and Development Anthropology. Washington, DC: World Bank, Environmentally Sustainable Development Studies and Monograph Series 6.)Anthony Giddens has defined globalization as "an intensification of world-wide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa." (, Giddens, Anthony (1990)) The Consequences of Modernity. Stanford: Stanford University Press.) Meaning that globalization involves changes in relating to the access of capital, financial activities, highly developed manufacturer services, and information that exceed the constitutional power system.Globalization encompasses various aspects such as trade, capital movement, spread of information and action of people. Through the use of trade and investment flow, globalization can be simply summed up as the incorporation of economies worldwide; additionally, it includes worldwide movement of technological know how and labor. As a result, through this alliance, there is a greater sense and extension of culture and politics.On a larger scale, globalization promotes effectiveness by utilizing each market and people's specialization; nonetheless, allowing people and economies to focus on what they produce best. Globalization gives opportunity to each nation to read each other's markets as well as to its capital flow, imports, exports, technology, politics and culture. Nevertheless, as some countries continually collect the benefits and flourish, while others are falling short.With any international process there are clearly risks and consequences to follow. It is obvious that globalization led to a great economic growth yet it is obvious that success is not equal. Already advanced countries are the ones who have benefited most by globalization; nevertheless, this is not to say slowly developing countries have not prospered as well. Yet, the poorest regions such as in Africa and the late Soviet have not been capable to follow up with the global phenomenon. Free-trade advocates argue that neoliberal policies will replace inefficient, aging and polluting factories with more effective and environmentally benign building systems, leading to cleaner air and rising incomes. Critics argue that globalization is not helpful for the protection of the environment...

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