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Globalization, The Unattainable Goal Essay

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Appiah’s meaning for globalization is more specific and on a personal, family, and religious level with acceptance as his basis. His approach to globalization is what appears to be perception based, outside of what his family beliefs are. Foer perceives globalization culture as, observed through sports, specifically soccer, family influence, and other means to preserve globalization change as Americans. As each author sees the world of globalization in their own way, they actually compliment each other on there reasonings to sustain from globalization. As both authors relate personal and culture opinions, they have clearly defined there theories on globalization and the approach. Seeing the world as these authors do, much lost in regards to originality and freedom, more-so, with ones desires to change
Since Foer is representing the differences between cultures/globalization through sports, politics and eventually family influence and Appiah takes it to a more personal, family way of life choices and how they are impacted with regards to globalization. As my family (both sides) grew up in Michigan, Christian, we have accepted the hard work mentality, living off the land and working hard. The same globalization as many countries started out as. We chose, not choose ,to accept the culture of our surroundings that we live in. For example, as an USAF brat growing up all over the world we accepted the norms of our areas, living in rural MI, we are farmers, while living in Hawaii we were city folk, amazed by the amount of “industry”, living in North Dakota, we took back to family life in the rural area and finally in Arizona, we took to suburban living, in the city, no farming or crop raising. My exact cultural group would be a mix, and one that“goes with the flow.” That was until I was an adult and embraced my farming living of the land mentality, while preserving my original heritage as a Christian. As other group would embrace one position on culture and urbanization, we.I chose to embrace many aspects of others initially therefore creating my view of globalization. I prefer not to call out any specific group/organization as not to offend with my examples when trying to relate other groups against each other. But I can say, in generalization that there are differences between the cultural groups for example, it is widely known and accepted that Christians believe in Jesus Christ and Catholics believe in God. (This again is my understanding) so the defining beliefs will vary between the two.
Seeing the world in these authors perspectives is attainable by many, in regards to globalization. In Appiah’s essay, the reference to eating cats and or eating “bush animals” being, venison and other wild game like rabbits. I can relate, to eating “bush animals” not cats. Even though I have spent many a drunken nights in Tijuana when I was 18-20 years old, in the Navy, who knows what is on those venders carts with regards to consumable meats. Again, this was...

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