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Globalization World History Essay Yma World History Essay

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Nevaeh Boyrie
Global- Harrington
Unit 4 Essay
Throughout the years 1492 to 1750, the people in Africa, Europe and America experienced an age of globalization, where national economies, politics, cultures and societies become integrated with other nations. This started the Colombian Exchange, In the Americas, the Colombian Exchange brought about various changes not only to the demographic such as, the death of many natives and the influences of new races and cultures but also to the environment such as diseases and the increase of new plant and animal species. Similar changes were happening to the European demographic and environment as well, the Colombian Exchange led to the presence of new food and the growth of cities, thus there was a major population increase. While the Colombian Exchange provided many positive benefits there were few but very important changes to the African society, demographic and environment as a whole. This global exchange of goods, ideas, plants and animals led to the African Diaspora, the spread of people and their values, beliefs and the rest of their culture. This further decreased the concentration of the African population but led to the influence and production of new foods thus, benefitting the environment as well.
Because of the Colombian exchange new plants and animals from Africa, Europe and Asia were brought to the Americas such as grapes, bananas, sugar cane and peaches. New animals like horses and donkeys provided a new and faster way of transporting people and goods. Goats, cattle, chicken and pigs were introduced into the Native American diet as well. In order to escape the oppressive nature of the government in Europe, many fled to the Americas as a way to have a better life. With the aspiration for a better way of life, came fatal diseases like measles and small pox which is the cause of the decimation of the Native American population. It is a common misconception that the Europeans were the only ones that colonized the Americas, while this is wrong, the Europeans were the ones that had the greatest impact. Spanish settlers and missionaries had a strong presence from California to South America. Due to the need for cheap labor on plantations, Native Americans were forced into gruel labor, which eventually led to the creation of the encomienda system, a legal system by which the Spanish crown attempted to define the status of the Indian population in its American colonies. You were ranked based on how Spanish you are. Due to the disease that came from the Europeans, the Native American population declined exponentially. In order to fill the labor shortage, Africans were imported through the middle passage, the second leg of the triangular trade. Most of the newly settled towns such as Newport, Salem and Rhode Island turned into successful cities due to the Transatlantic Slave trade
Keeping labor cheap or free is a way to ensure a high profit. By not paying their workers owners kept their...

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