Glomerular Filtration Rate And Chronic Kidney Disease Management

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The strengths of the study were the educational topics of the importance of eGFR and CKD management. The fact that this study showed that there was indeed a continuation of late referrals to the nephrologists could help further problems. The staging principals and risks discussed were also important. Another strength was the fact that a pre and post survey was conducted; with the education in between the surveys. The weakness of the studies education was the lack of actual case studies and the PCPs thought that nephrologists not peers should teach the lectures. The ability of the PCPs to attend both the supper and lunch was a weakness. Another weakness of the research was the fact that it didn’t discuss all of the questions that were on the survey and how they were answered. It would have been beneficial to see those results.
Importance of study to selected topic
This study helps with the selected topic, the relationship between the education of NPs and their referral times to the nephrologists. It gives a background on how to conduct the survey, being pre and post. It shows ways of conducting the educational phases. It shows that PCPs believed that case studies might be the way to teach this information. The PCPs believed that the case studies were a way of learning the material. This study also showed that having nephrologists actually speak or conduct the education might be the way of presenting the material. In conclusion, the format of this research project can be used in the selected research project with a few minor changes.

For the understanding of the education received among physicians a literature review was conducted on the article titled Perception of Indications for Nephrology Referral among Internal Medicine Residents: A National Online Survey. The article was written by Varun Agrawal, Amit K. Ghosh, Michael A. Barnes, and Peter A. McCullough.
Purpose of Study
Primary care physicians who may not be aware of indications or benefits of timely nephrologists referral see many patients with CKD. The purpose of this study is to determine if a postgraduate is adequately trained to manage CKD. This study is to determine the perceptions and knowledge of the indications for the nephrology referrals (Babos, Lawless, McCellan, & McCullough, 2009).
The design for this setting is an online survey.
Sample and Size (N=)
The sample consisted of eligible internal medicine residents in the United States. The amount of surveys obtained was six hundred and fifty-one. After the incomplete questionnaires were excluded the final sample size was 479 internal residents from 75 resident programs (Babos, et al., 2009).
The research was conducted on internal medicine residents in the United States. Internal medicine residents that were actually in training could only complete the survey. Surveys were collected from October 15, 2007 to November 5, 2007 (Babos, et al., 2009).
The KDOQI...

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