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Glory: A Look From Within
It is the evening before a powerful and epic battle with more than victory at stake. Tomorrow, the 54th regiment will forever stamp themselves as a symbol of hope and freedom in a new world during an attack on Fort Wagner as soldiers for the North. Dozens of men with young children, wives, and an idealistic dream of a free world will die in a matter of hours. As the Northern soldiers gather on this night before war, there are no tears of fear to be shed. The din in the air is that of song and the feeling is that of an inspirational victory. On this night before their death, slaves turned soldiers have put aside their personal differences and become one; a metaphoric battle has been won. This is one of the final scenes from the movie Glory, a power depiction of the heroic efforts of the first African American regiment during the Civil War. The deep, multiple plot layers, and moving acting performances in Glory create a captivating viewing experience.
The story leads up to the summer of 1863, during which the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment led an unsuccessful attack on the Confederate’s Fort Wagner in South Carolina. The 54th regiment was the Nation's first black regiment and because of their skill, courage, and determination, they were credited with paving the way for the successful entry of other black soldiers into the ranks of the Union. In addition, these brave men demonstrated that black men were willing to fight and die both for their country and for their freedom. The setting was primarily outdoors and on the battle
ground. There was some rain during training, but mostly the weather was
mild in climate. The setting also alluded to the camaraderie of the
regiment, and what was most memorable was the manner in which the men,
who were once divided, came together for the common goal and good of
all men regardless of the color of their skin.
Glory did not use make-up for the purpose of beautifying or improving the looks of the actors. Make-up was used to intensify the conditions and the severity of the wounds of soldiers who fought in the “Battle of the States.” The make-up helped to illuminate the emotional intensity of the soldiers and their roles in the war. The composition of the wounds brought reality to the movie and the human aspects of the soldiers. The make-up had a tremendous impact on how the viewer experience the conditions of the soldiers and what they went through to be a part to the war fighting effort. The film stopped short of depicting extreme, graphic violence and gore often see in war movies. This may served the Director’s motivation to keep the focus on the human themes and not on the violence itself.
The aspects of the make-up that are most visual and memorable are the wounds on the soldiers in the 54th. Some of the soldiers were seen with minor flesh wounds and others suffered from more life threatening wounds such as; loss of an arm or leg and even decapitation. There is also effective...

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