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Glossary Of Terms Essay

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.SS acyclic graph
a graph without loops or cycles;
where following any connection (edge or 'path') from one node (vertex \[en] where 'paths' join)
to another, and so forth, will never lead back to the node from whence one started.
[See \f(BIdirected graph / digraph\fP.]
.SS behavior
see \f(BIdefined behavior\fP
.SS child node
specifically an \f(BIepilogue node\fP or a \f(BIreplicant\fP.
Hence, it refers to any node cloned from, or 'instantiated from' another node.
A child node can only 'fire' if its \fIparent node\fP has
fired and generated an output - all other input events are ignored.
.SS client data stream
the output of a node as directed towards a client.
A client data stream may represent the \fB\s-1DF_RAW\s+1\fP output of the node,
the \fB\s-1DF_FORMATTED\s+1\fP version of that output as formatted by a \f(BIfilter\fP function,
or the \fBs-1DF_RESPONSE\s+1\fP received from an ...view middle of the document...

It also refers to the finale, the built-in proxy resolving the outputs of all of the parallel subtasks of a \f(BId\[ae]mon\fP,
concatenating the output data streams of its replicants (the subtasks) into a single output data stream
of the d\[ae]mon, comprised of a single compound data object.
From coda and d\['e]nouement: a conclusion;
a recapitulation where the all the strands of plot (literature), of themes previously developed (music),
are brought together and resolved.
.SS computational node
a node which computes an output value from one or more inputs from other nodes in the DFE.
The implementation function (performing that computation) may be null,
(which creates an output equal to the input), or an involved algorithm with many inputs.
.SS constructor
a function (or method) - called to (create and) establish the initial properties and methods of an object
.SS control assertion
when applied to a node...
.SS d\[ae]mon
from Greek mythology, is a spirit acting in the background,
doing its benevolent work unseen;
it is not the morph of the term - demon - implying an evil spirit doing malevolent deeds.
A \fBdflibg\fP \f(BId\[ae]mon\fP spawns a copy of itself (a \f(BIreplicant\fP) for each \f(BIsubtask\fP (data element)
of a \f(BItask\fP (compound data) that it receives.
.SS defined behavior
the coupling of an event to a node. This is accomplished by having the node assert that it is to receive
the event when it should occur in the future, rather than by having a document element have an in-line event handler which then delivers
the event (and data) to the node.
.SS descendant or dependent node
a node to which data and events flow from the current node, either directly or via intermediate nodes.
.SS digraph or directed graph
a graph where the connections (the 'edges') between the 'vertices' (the nodes) of the graph
all imply a direction; hence, a directed-graph or \fBdi-graph\fP.
In dataflow all connections are directed; they indicate the direction in which data flows
from a node (which processes its input, generating an output \[en] the \f(BI data and event stream\fP))
to another processing node, document element, etc.

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