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Gmf And Effects On Human Health

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Effects on Human Health

      With the way technology has grown, especially in the field of genetic engineering, has led scientists to figure out a way to alter how food is made. This raises concerns and lot of questions regarding the methods they are using. From what possible side effects can occur to the risks it poses to everyone and everything. Unfortunately, there has been limited research and testing done. With that in mind there is not enough information available about the hazards of genetically modified foods. But, what we do know is alarming. Most of the debate surrounding GM foods are focus on the following three issues: 1. Human and environmental safety, 2. Labeling , and 3. Consumer choice. In this section of the paper I will be discussing how genetically modified food can be dangerous on the health of humans.
      First we will start with the definition of Genetically Modified (GM) is “a special set of technologies that alter the genetic makeup of such living organisms as animals, plants, or bacteria. Biotechnology, a more
general term, refers to using living organisms or their components, such as enzymes, to make products that include medicines and vaccines, foods and food ingredients, feeds, and fibers”.
      The unique structure of GM food creates risk to humans which can affect them in the following ways: allergic reactions, toxicity, antibiotic resistance, adverse health side effects and death. It is impossible to foresee the damage inflicted by genetic food; it is a matter of wait and sees what consequences occur because of it.
      During the genetic modification process, proteins from organisms that have never before been a part of the human food chain are being used and so, GM food may cause allergic reactions. Allergens could be transferred from foods people are allergic to into foods that they think are safe. For example in 1996, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. (a seed company now owned by DuPont) developed a genetically modified soybean using a gene from a Brazil nut to increase the protein content of its animal feed. Independent tests on the GM soybean showed that people allergic to Brazil nuts reacted to the GM soybean. There are also the cross-species transfers being made, like...

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