Gmo Crops Are They Safe? Essay

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Even though GMOs are viewed as acts against god and are inhuman because of mutations in the plants, genetically modified organism are the solution to end world hunger and food shortages because Gmos can be create to grow healthier plants which can be used to feed third world countries and Gmos can be grown to be more resistant to weather which will enable us to grow food in any place on earth, increasing the number of food for everyone.
Genetic Engineering is defined as a direct manipulation of genetic code inside of a living organism. By the early 70s, scientist were able to directly modify and recombine DNA from a monkey virus named SV40 and parts of a lambda virus. Later in the following ...view middle of the document...

Bacillus thuringiensis is a natural occur pesticide that repeals cotton bollworms naturals and since this is natural it has no effect on human or animal.

Droughtgard a company that creates GMOs, created a corn crop that was tolerant to droughts meaning that this crop was able to survive with less water and in worst conditions then it natural counterparts. By using several genes that were found to be resistance to harsh weather as in droughts, cold weather, and massive amounts of heat. The gene that was able to do this was called E.Coli CSPA. E.Coli CSPA acted like a chaperone to the Rna that monitors the stress levels that a plant feels when there is little or no water. The chaperone gene actually started to suppress the Rna causing it split into a new Rna strand, by doing this the Rna strand is then able to support and suppress the stress levels in a plant thus allowing the plant to survive longer without water for long periods of time.

The added benefits of have the E. Coli CSPA in the plants allow it survive in harsher environments for example if a drought were to come to the great lower plan valley where most of the agriculture is done in the united states , there would be a pandemic of food shortages in the united states causing people to go hungry causing the united states to buy more imported wheat thus crashing the farmers sales network here. However lets say the...

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