Gmo History Outline, Prehistoric, Agriculture, Dna, Patent Issue Evr 1001 L Outline

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Estrella? ?Madia
Yevegiyna? ?Lopatina
October? ?6,? ?2017
EVR? ?1001
GMO:? ?History? ?Outline
1. Prehistoric
a. Contrary? ?to? ?popular? ?belief,? ?humans? ?have? ?been? ?messing? ?with? ?food? ?and? ?its? ?genes? ?for
a? ?long? ?time
i. even? ?if? ?they? ?originally? ?gave? ?most? ?of? ?the? ?control? ?to? ?nature.
b. Since? ?the? ?advent? ?of? ?agriculture? ?12,000? ?years? ?ago,? ?farmers? ?have? ?strived? ?to? ?improve
their? ?crops
i. Durability
ii. resistance? ?to? ?diseases? ?and? ?pests
iii. satisfaction? ?to? ?humans? ?as? ?much? ?as? ?possible.
c. Over? ?the? ?years,? ?as? ?humans? ?chose? ?certain? ?qualities? ?over? ?others? ?in? ?plants,? ?they
molded? ?crops? ?into? ?what? ?they? ?wanted? ?them? ?to? ?be
i. Bigger
ii. Tastier
iii. juicier.
d. We? ?altered? ?these? ?plants? ?so? ?much? ?that? ?they? ?developed? ?into? ?crops? ?that? ?would? ?never
survive? ?in? ?the? ?wild? ?without? ?human? ?care.
e. Plants? ?such? ?as
i. Strawberries
ii. Wheat
iii. Cabbage
iv. Corn
v. almost? ?all? ?the? ?rest? ?of? ?our? ?crops
1. These? ?crops? ?were? ?nothing? ?like? ?they? ?were? ?back? ?in? ?the? ?day? ?by? ?our
2. History
a. 1935? ??? ?DNA? ?Discovered
i. Russian? ?scientist? ?Andrei? ?Nikolaevitch? ?Belozersky? ?isolates? ?pure? ?DNA.
b. 1973? ??? ?Recombinant? ?DNA? ?Created
i. The? ?idea? ?for? ?man-made? ?DNA,? ?or? ?rDNA,? ?comes? ?from? ?a? ?grad? ?student? ?at
Stanford? ?University? ?Medical? ?School.? ?Professor? ?Herbert? ?Boyer? ?and? ?a? ?few? ?of
his? ?biologist? ?colleagues? ?run? ?with? ?it.
c. 1975? ??? ?Asilomar? ?Conference
i. A? ?group? ?of? ?biologists? ?get? ?together? ?with? ?a? ?few? ?lawyers? ?and? ?doctors? ?to? ?create
guidelines? ?for? ?the? ?safe? ?use? ?of? ?genetically? ?engineered? ?DNA.
d. 1980? ??? ?First? ?GMO? ?Patent? ?Issued
i. A? ?1980? ?court? ?case? ?between? ?a? ?genetics? ?engineer? ?at? ?General? ?Electric? ?and? ?the
U.S.? ?Patent? ?Office? ?is? ?settled
e. 1982? ??? ?FDA? ?Approves? ?First? ?GMO
i. Humulin,? ?insulin? ?produced? ?by? ?genetically? ?engineered? ?E.? ?coli? ?bacteria,
appears? ?on? ?the? ?market.
f. 1994? ??? ?GMO? ?Hits? ?Grocery? ?Stores
i. The? ?delayed-ripening? ?tomato? ?has? ?a? ?longer? ?shelf? ?life? ?than? ?conventional
g. 1996? ??? ?GMO-Resistant? ?Weeds
i. Weeds? ?resistant? ?to? ?glyphosate,? ?the? ?herbicide? ?used? ?with? ?many? ?GMO? ?crops,
are? ?detected? ?in? ?Australia.? ?Research? ?shows? ?that? ?the? ?super? ?weeds? ?are? ?seven
to? ?11? ?times? ?more? ?resistant? ?to? ?glyphosate? ?than? ?the? ?standard? ?susceptible
h. 1997? ??? ?Mandatory? ?Labels
i. The? ?European? ?Union? ?rules? ?in?...

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