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Gm Os And How They Affect Our Environment

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are a growing concern in the US. There are people for the use of GMOs, and people against the use of GMOs. Although the timeline of GMOs goes all the way back into the 1935’s, the first patent for the GMO was introduced in 1980 from a court case between a genetics engineer at General Electric and the U.S. Patent Office. The GMO in question was a bacterium with an appetite for crude oil, ready to gobble up spills. In 1982, the FDA approves the first GMO, which was humulin, insulin produced by genetically engineered E. coli bacteria, appears on the market.
Before I go on any further, the definition of GMO could be described as: “organisms whose DNA has ...view middle of the document...

2. The Use of GMO’s
With how the world can be looked at now, with hunger around the world, the use of GMO’s isn’t all for a bad reason. There are many uses to GMO’s. They create plants with a better resistant to weeds, pests, and other diseases. Corn is an excellent example as corn is an important and widely grown crop in the U.S., however corn can’t reproduce without human aid, making it somewhat vulnerable to pests and diseases.
It’s also good for bigger yields to create more efficient use of land, and less uses of herbicides and other pesticides. It produces foods with better flavor and texture. Foods will have a longer shelf life for easier shipping to various parts of the world, and finally, GM foods can create an essential sustainable way to feed the world, making GMO’s a seemingly good thing to use when considering 3rd world countries.
3. Harmful Effects of the Agent
There are also many harmful effects that GMO’s introduce to us. Some of the harmful effects that GMO’s propose to us are: food allergies. GM foods can propose food allergies to children (5%) and adults (2%), although low in percentage, it nevertheless proposes a harmful effect taken on by the GM foods.
Another harmful effect, before...

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