Gnvq Intermediate Business Unit: 1 Investigating How Businesses Work

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The Employment Rights Act 1996The Employment Rights Act 1996 is generally all the right an employee has. The main notion of this act is that it specifies every detail to what the employee would need to know when he or she starts to work. Below I have outlined some of the employments rights.All employees are entitled to an itemized pay-slip which shows gross and net pay and details of any deductions, so for example, if I was a full time new employee at Boots Opticians and when I receive my wage I'd like to see how much form my net pay has been deducted for tax and the number of hours I've worked to get that amount or to see whether I have received that extra sick pay, also if they've paid me the right amount overall. If I hadn't known about receiving an itemized pay-slip and the possibility of theses situations happening I'd be losing a lot of money by not knowing my employment rights.All females employees are eligible for maturity leave and then can return to work afterwards on the same terms and conditionsAn employee cannot be dismissed as a trade union official or health and safety representativeEmployees have the right not be dismissed unfairly by their employer and if this occurs then they can present their case to an employment tribunalEmployees dismissed through redundancy have the right to receive a redundancy paymentEmployees must be allowed time off work for jury service or ante-natal careThe Sex Discrimination Act 1979This act makes it illegal for anyone to be distinguished against on the grounds of gender either directly or indirectly, in employment this applies to recruitment and selection for jobs and promotion, training the way you are treated in a job, dismissal and redundancy. Direct discrimination is where one gender is excluded, for example 'only men need apply'. Indirect discrimination is where a condition would make it difficult fro one sex to comply, for example 'those over 6feet and 8inches need apply'. Even of this is done intentionally; the organisation is still guilty. There are some special exceptions, such as in acting or...

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2345 words - 9 pages . All members of Sainsburys organization have a part to play in selling the their products and services, not just those employees who work in sales positions. The sales objectives - commercial or non-commercial - affect which techniques can be used and how they are carried through. You will need to learn selling skills used by the industry to:Raise customer rapportEstablish rapport with customersInvestigate customer needsPresent the product or

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1097 words - 4 pages Actaris & Longleat::AO1 (a)::Actaris:1 year in existence, 100 years' experienceCreated in November 2001, the Actaris group took over all the activities of Resource Management Services (RMS),They are the only international group entirely dedicated to metering electricity, gas and heating. This is achieved by making and installing high quality meters that measure these factors.::Activities:The main activities of the company are;1) R+D

Business coursework, unit 1, tasks 2 and 3, Boots plc (for more of this piece, please email me) 25 pages in total!

4138 words - 17 pages included with the objectives, to see the business succeed.It is not an easy task, due to considering the following people with every objective being set:*Shareholders / owners - receive a yearly dividend.*Directors - want to increase their own status , but could maximise businesses market share = MORE POWER.*Management - large salaries and need motivation.*Employees - Aim for higher wages, more time off and better work conditions.*Customers - good

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3068 words - 12 pages CHAPTER 11 MY NOTES NETWORKED APPLICATIONS Application architectures         How application layer functions are spread among computers to deliver service to users Thanks layering ability to separate function at different layers most application architecture can run over TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and other standards below the application layer Note: if you use TCP it does not care what application architecture you are using. Important networked

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605 words - 2 pages Making Ends MeetHow Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage WorkThe state of single mothers in America is an issue of great importance to us all. The children of today will be the future leaders therefore, securing them a positive childhood is imperative to society existence. I agree with the author Christopher Jencks in his article Making Ends Meet, (2001) he documents that single mothers maintain the highest poverty level, and how the

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1208 words - 5 pages short commands as a last resort to try to feel dominant as his usual approach is not working on Ruth. Ruth’s behavior challenges the theory of the Madonna-whore dichotomy by acting maternally whilst using her sexuality as a control mechanism. She calls Lenny “Leonard”, his mother’s name for him, which immediately casts Ruth in a maternal light in Lenny’s eyes. He “pauses”, showing how this comment has left him lost for words, which are the

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1259 words - 6 pages Globalization has changed the world economy. Most of the small companies cannot ignore any events that occur outside their borders this is because of what happened in one country an impact on the rest of the world has. Individuals who work for small companies that believe they can act independently is not a realistic people, but they are myopic and have narrow minded. Actually, the study of international business is relevant to all people who

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5762 words - 23 pages issues a scheme of work, lesson plans and teaching material was prepared for the project management module, which I am unit leader for next semester. The second part of the report provides a critical review of the scheme of work and lesson plans and justifies the learning strategies used. It explains how individual needs and support issues have been addressed and considered when planning and delivering a lesson

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457 words - 2 pages Level: BTEC Business Extended Diploma Level 3 Unit Title: Exploring Business Assessment: 1 Student Name: Zoe Varcoe Assessor: Charlotte Arnold Date Issued: 11/09/17 Submission Date: 02/10/17 Learning Aims Covered: A – Explore the features of different businesses and analyse what makes them successful. B – Investigate how businesses are organised. Criteria Covered: P1 – Explain the features of two contrasting businesses. P2 – Explain how two

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1756 words - 7 pages expecting them to be carried out. Coordinating all activities are arranged and adjusted in time and situation to ensure smooth running. Controlling- involves directing, inspecting and regulating work. Planning determines in advance, what should be accomplished and how it should be accomplished. (Bounds G, Yorks L, Adams M, Ranney G, 1994)However Fayol has been criticised by Mintzberg as it provides only vague managerial objectives. As an alternative

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1441 words - 6 pages , it may be possible to enter with an HND or HNC. Entry to a relevant engineering degree with: * 2/3 A-levels with GCSEs (A-C) 2/3 in other subjects * A relevant GCSE in a vocational subject or Intermediate GNVQ may be acceptable as an alternative to academic GCSEs * At A level, Maths and Physics are often preferred and may be essential. Equivalent qualifications such as an Edexcel (BTEC) or

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Gnvq Business Unit 1:Investigating How Businesses Work [Intermediate]

2883 words - 12 pages task 1 TAims and objectivesMaking a profitIt is very important for a business to make a profit because no business can survive for very long if it is not profitable. Small businesses need to make a profit because the owner will not be able to live or pay its creditors and large companies need to make a profit so that it can pay its shareholdersProviding goods to the local or wider communityEvery business makes goods, provides goods or

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2920 words - 12 pages AIMS AND OBJECTIVESThe purpose of this essay is to produce a portfolio based on my investigation of two contrasting businesses . The requirements of this essay state that I have to research two businesses one of a major size and the other small. For this reason I have chosen Sainsbury's as my major and my local newsagent as my small.SAINSBURY'SLOCATIONThere are many factors to consider when locating a business which all play an important part in

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3960 words - 16 pages Unit one - Business at workOwnership-benefits and became a limited company in November 1999 incorporated to a private limited company (LTD). Jon Baxter (managing director and company secretary) is the founder of formally known as Scream Technology that started in August 1996 a smaller business that developed a single unit called Web Creative.This company now has two directors, Jon Baxter (Managing Director and

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2042 words - 8 pages UNIT 1THE BUSINESS AT WORKTHEBOOTSCOMPANY1. BUSINESS CLASSIFICATION1. IntroductionThe Boots Company is a business found in the Private Sector of which it is a company. Businesses in the Private Sector are not owned by the Government, but by a private owner. Within the private sector, there are two main types of company, which are similar, but in many ways obviously different. Boots is a Public Limited Company (PLC), and not a Private Limited