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Go Big Or Go Home: Risk It All

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A lot of people debate, argue and even fight about whether or not one should take risks in life. As for me, I think there can’t be only one answer or solution to this question, for there are different types of risks and consequences that person might pay for. Health, money, job, opportunity and a lot more including even someone’s life, might all be associated with risks. My friend goes to Thunder Valley Casino and spends up to two thousand dollars every month. One’s success in life can depend on how well a person interprets reality and understand whether or not it’s worth to take a certain risk.
I think every person takes risks in life. The only difference is how big those risks are. Some people might will to risk their life especially when it comes to extreme sports such as; rally racing, sky diving, BASE jumping, dirt biking, rock climbing. Sometimes these kind of sports, that include risk, can bring a catastrophe to ones life. My two older brothers were racing a car and on one of the turns they lost the control of the car. It went airborne into the pavement and hit couple of trees. My oldest brother died at scene and my other brother suffered from serious injuries. Today he rides on a wheelchair, he broke his spine. Risk gives birth to problems and divorces in marriage. It can leave a child with no dad, family with no money, and just about anyone with no job or business. It can also promote one and encourage him/her for greater things. As I said before, it all depends on a person and circumstances.
Many times people risk their wealth in a hope that they will gain more, but it doesn’t always work that way. A lot of times people will find themselves broke because of the addiction...

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