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Whoah whoah! , As the fans were cheering and supporting their racers for today’s big Grand prix race. David could hear this outside the changing rooms. Nervous and terrified, he slowly walked out the changing rooms with his fellow racers. Then the noise rose and the tension grew as David at a snail's pace walked towards his McLaren F1 car. But just before getting in the car David looked around at the happy fans, then he see’s his wife and kids which made him a lot more comfortable. So David thought to himself “I am not letting my family and fans down so I’m going to prove to them what I’m made of.”

Slam! As Joe turner left his room and walked towards his car. David never liked Joe and he never will because of the rough past between them in school, they were both each others worst enemy. David had a feeling that something bad was going to happen in the race, as Joe gave him a dirty look. “Get ready boys,” the commentator ordered. Everyone was ready. Looking back David could see another 11 cars. This is going to be tough David whispered to himself, the referee horned and every racer was off.

David couldn’t hear anything but the power of the engine bursting into life. David was in 5th place while Joe was well ahead. David eased into 3rd place and 2 laps to go, he had to up his game. David was anxious and struggling to move to first but the lack of speed from the racer in front of David cost him the price. Eventually David was in 1st place, But not for long because out of nowhere Joe rushed and smashed into David straight away. According to the rules of the race, smashing into each other was acceptable. David had no choice but to smash into Joe as well.

Just as David thought he got rid of Joe, Joe came back with a fuming look and gave David a big crash that David couldn’t handle. With an eerie atmosphere, David was off the track and rolling over. He was at least three metres of the ground as he collided into a wall of tyres. David thought it was all over for him. At the corner of David’s eye he could see his fans, family, teammates and the commentators all quiet with mouths open. They all stopped waving their flags as well as stop jumping. David was angry by the look of his face.
David knew he let his fans and family down. David knew for a fact that Joe had a smirk in his face as he took me out and went for glory. Then David suddenly heard a big thud as he crashed into the sidewalls, David was blacked out.

David slowly opens his eyes, he looks around worried and confused, he then sees that he’s surrounded by white walls and soft beds. “Where am I” David mumbles. He hears beeps and the next thing he knows that he’s in the hospital. David could hardly remember anything, looking down he could see that he was completely covered in bandages and finds out that he’s broken his leg. He couldn’t move. David got mad, he tried to get out. But he sees doctors rushing in to calm him down.

Then another doctor walks in with a folder in his hand....

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