Go Green Or Go To Jail

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A cashier is finishing a sales transaction and speaking to the customer. When time to ask the customer if he would like “paper or plastic,” he responds “plastic.” My immediate reaction to this scene at this point is “oh, just another grocery store commercial trying to convince the viewers that they provide outstanding customer service.” However, immediately following these shots, the viewing angle of the camera switches to one that is angled behind the cashier, showing a police officer who announces himself as “green police” and unexpectedly handcuffs and arrests the customer. The officer then states “you picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem plastic boy.” Initially I am confused but then I realize the satirical approach. This unusual approach captures my attention and I become fully engaged in the commercial. The intent of this arrangement of frames is to initially make the viewer feel comfortable and allow the viewer to relate to an everyday experience: shopping. However the following arrest immediately allows the viewer to see the comical use of sarcasm and irony to establish its implantation of satire. The purpose of this opening sequence is to demonstrate the nonchalant attitude society has in regard to eco-friendly living, as well as how vital green living habits are.
The Audi commercial entitled Green Police for Audi presents a persuasive advertisement depicting present day society committing the crime of failure to be eco-friendly. The whole commercial is focused on the reprimands of day to day “crimes” that society commits in regard to green living, ending with one “law abiding” citizen who drives a “clean diesel” Audi A3 TDI: the product being sold. Through the use of rhetoric, images, and knowing its ideal community, the advertisement effectively presents the cultural myth that most Americans are not eco-friendly while providing an alternative to this to way of life: purchasing the Audi A3 TDI. The ironic illustrations imply that one’s everyday choices can affect the environment and by purchasing a clean diesel Audi, you are one step closer to being considered a law abiding citizen by the Green Police; police in support of eco-friendly living.

The succeeding scene depicts a plethora of green police officers rummaging through a community’s recycle bins. (A disturbing uncivilized image isn’t it?) One of the officers finds a lithium battery in one of the recycle bins and then announces to invade the house that improperly disposed of it. A switch in scene immediately follows depicting a green police helicopter flashing its’ search light on a man in his kitchen about to dispose of orange peelings instead of composting them. The man inside the house attempts to escape where he then is captured by the green police. In this shot, the music pooled with the shaky camera angles and the police sirens make the viewer feel not only anxious and fearful for the man, but it also creates a feeling that an actual crime is being...

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