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“Um, who’s this?” I asked, even though it wouldn’t take a genius to say who was on the other line.


“And how exactly did you get my number?” I inquired and I could hear the smile that was growing on his face.

“I get things, Gray. It is what I do.” God, it’s like I can also see him shrugging. Get what things? Phone numbers, or girls? I glared at myself, at my subconscious.

“How do you get things, Styles?” I glanced up at the door, knowing my father was probably going to emerge any second. And I glanced again, feeling like I was having a “naughty” conversation, even though this is the farthest thing from, I think.

“I just do. Anyway, what are you up to this fine evening?”

“Sleep.” Oh no, THE SQUEAK.

“At six o’clock? Doubt it.” He’s even confident over the phone. I groaned.

“Okay, maybe not sleep.” I sighed.

“Then what are you doing?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I replied. Now that Liz left, I am left in my boredom.

“Good. I am doing nothing too. We should hang out.” Blunt much? Well, it’s better than how I would ask a question like that.

“Why?” I squeaked.

“Because we’re friends, right?” I don’t know. According to Liz we are “flirty friends”.

“I don’t know, are we?” I asked and finally my squeak subsided, for now.

“We are.” He confirmed.


“Alright?” He repeated, sounding confused.

“Alright, lets hang out.” I breathed out nervously, trying to contain my squeak.

“I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes, yeah?”

I nodded but remembered we’re speaking through the phone so I hurriedly replied, verbally this time. “Yeah, okay.”


Thankfully I haven’t retired into my pajamas yet. With a quick brush of my hair and teeth, I was done with “getting ready”. I heard a knock on the door. As I walked over all I kept repeating to myself was don’t squeak, don’t squeak, don’t squeak.

As usual Harry’s dressed in his black jeans, converse, and of course his gray hoodie, maybe not “usual”. I allow my mind to wonder back to the beach party and Harry’s red, unbuttoned plaid shirt.

“Hey.” I say confidently and mentally high-five myself.

“Hey.” He repeats my words only this time with a crooked smile.

“Ready to go?” He asked and looked at me from head to toe and back, meeting my eyes with a smile.

“Yeah.” I replied as I reached behind myself to check that I put my cellphone into my pocket. I stepped outside the door after I felt for my phone and Harry backed up to give me room to close and lock my front door. I bent down to retrieve a key from under the doormat.

“Whata’ cliché.” Harry laughed softly.

“Don’t try breaking into my house.” I laughed softly as well.

“Oh, wouldn’t dream of it, Gray.” I could practically hear his smirk as I locked the door and returned the key to its hiding place.

“So, where are we going?” I asked as we walked side by side down the pathway to the porch.

“My favorite place.” He answered simply.

No less than twenty minutes later Harry pulled into a packed parking lot. I glanced out the window to look at an...

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