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Colton BausermanMrs. EvansBritish Literature12 November 2014Textual Analysis: Go Tell it on The MountainIn James Baldwin'sGo Tell it on The Mountain, many different styles came into play to make this one of the best novels that he has written in his life. The whole novel is has a very captivating way of telling the story from different points of views throughout the novel. This way of doing it also helps Baldwin form very interesting and very well developed characters throughout the novel. James also has some minor charters play an important role not only in the plot of the novel but also play a huge role in further developing the major characters in the novel. This book has a very different genre this genre is called bildingsroman this is when one character changes throughout the novel. Another way the author helps make this novel so interesting to read is the format on how it contains many flashbacks and it starts out by following Johns thoughts then to Florence's then to Gabriel's then to Elizabeth's and back to John's.In the novel James Baldwin uses some flashbacks to help make is work more interesting to read. The novel starts in 1935 with John and his family. You learn more and more about his family and then on a Saturday night they go to church and start to pray and then the flashbacks start.(Napierkowski 74) It starts with his Aunt's flashbacks where you learn even more about her life and your understanding of her is deepened. This is the same for the other two flashbacks in this novel, Gabriel's and Elizabeth's flashbacks, they help you understand the characters more. Also, he is very clever in the way he makes the flashbacks connect with them interacting with one another in them. A good example of this when Florence gets a letter from Gabriel's wife:"It's a letter from my brother's wife." … "What's them niggers doing down home? It ain't no bad news, is it?" still he hummed, irrepressibly, deep in his throat. "No... well, it ain't no good new either, but it ain't nothing to surprise me none. She says she thinks my brother's got a bastard living right there in the same town what he's scared to call his own." No? And I thought your brother was a preacher?""Being a preacher ain't never stopped a nigger from doing his dirt." Then he laughed. "You sure don't love your brother like you should." (Baldwin 98)This is an interesting part of the book because you don't think it is all that important but later in the novel when he is cheating on his wife and he doesn't think she knows but she says that she is writing his sister and then you make the connection that she does know. This is one of the ways the flashbacks not only make a good story but also help you learn more and more about the characters. Also the flashbacks helps to get the message across to the reader. They help to get the message across because it shows that everyone messes up no matter how perfect they are and it is just a way a life. The flashbacks are a very important in...

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