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Goal Essay

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Politics has always been very interesting to me and it has shaped the way that I think so I hope to run for public office one day. I hope to improve our educational system so that every student has a chance to go to college and be successful. I know how important an education can be and the doors that it can open for you. I know making minimum wage is not enough to feed a family and that is why it is so important to get a good education. I want to be able to advocate for the education of others through a career in politics and I have participated in various activities in order to prepare myself for that future.
I have been dedicated to DECA and Robotics Club while also working hard to help my family financially. I have been preparing for a very long time to achieve these goals. I have participated in various school activities including Mock Trial and Debate. Both clubs have helped me grow my analytical skills that will take to stand up for what is right. Not everyone will always agree with me and thanks to these clubs I have the skills to give concise reasoning for my beliefs. In college I plan to join student government and help in political campaigns to gain the precious experience. I also have been participating in DECA has also has helped me develop my business skills. I know how to approach people in a polite manner and able to sell my message more easily. In my FRC Robotics Club I have learned great project management skills that will serve me well once I go into a career in government.
I have taken classes in a broad spectrum of topics like Criminal Justice, Finance, Business, and Engineering. In all classes I take leadership positions to ensure I am capable of running a team. My research And Design class has been one of...

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