Goal Directed Nursing: A Personal Framework

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Philosophy and Approach
I believe that nursing is based on communications and interactions between the nurse and patient. The goal of nursing according to King is to help individuals and groups attain, maintain, and restore health, or if that is not possible, then to die with dignity (McEwen & Willis, 2014). King’s theory of goal attainment focuses on concepts of perception, interaction, transaction, stress, communication and the nursing metaparadigm (King, 2007). With this theory as a model for nursing, I practice within these concepts by interacting and communicating with my patient, interacting and reacting to the patient based on their perception of the event, communicating ...view middle of the document...

The woman did not have a good understanding of her health condition or the steps needed to help regain a state of health. I communicated with her and educated her on her condition and explained to her the steps that needed to be taken and why. We contacted her son to have him come to her. The woman was able to understand her current state of health and the need for immediate treatment and agreed to the goals set to treat her condition. After communicating and interacting with her and giving her knowledge she was lacking about her health she was able to make decisions based on that knowledge in order to obtain the best outcome possible. See Figure 1 for the schematic drawing of my personal framework that I utilize in my practice.
I foresee using the King theory of goal attainment in my advanced practice much the same way that I utilize it now. The theory’s concepts can be utilized in practice as an emergency care or primary care nurse practitioner, by communicating, interacting and mutual goal setting with a patient. I also plan to utilize Jean Watson’s theory of caring in my practice as this focuses on holistic care and the authentic relationship between caregivers and patients (Lukose, 2011).
This personal framework paper has helped me determine my definition of nursing. I have determined that phenomenology is congruent with my personal nursing philosophy. I have explored the values of beneficence, justice, and autonomy and how they relate to my practice. I have identified how I utilize King’s theory of goal attainment in my practice. I have discussed the concepts of the theory and how it is useful to me. I have defined the nursing metaparadigm according to King’s theory and have given my own definitions and how they are applicable in my practice. I have identified a situation where I utilized King’s theory in my practice.
When I began this class I had a basic understanding of nursing theories from my...

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