Goal Line Technology: The Debate Essay

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The International Football Association Board’s proposal to implement goal-line technology in professional football is an intriguing subject about which people hold notably contrasting views. Over many years both sides of the debate have provided compelling arguments with those for and against the innovation scrutinising the effects it may have on the sport. The issue originated following numerous incidents taking place in which a referee wrongly deemed a goal invalid.
One argument in favour of goal-line technology’s introduction is that less pressure is placed upon referees who previously received a bombardment of media scrutiny in the aftermath of matches in which they made a controversial decision. The leading system under consideration for worldwide use boasts millimetre accuracy, which assures no transmitted replays could contradict the decision in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, Hawk-Eye, the British-based complex computer system, is utilized officially in various other sports including cricket and tennis. Research shows that “already used in tennis, cricket and snooker, the Hawk-Eye system recorded a 100% success rate during testing with the International Tennis Federation.” Also, the Hawk-Eye official website asserts that the technology surpasses the governing body’s strict criteria regarding precision as it “betters the FIFA requirement of +/- 3cm.”
In addition, those in support of goal-line technology believe another benefit is the expeditious speed at which players may seek clarification from the referee as to whether a goal has been scored due to the instantaneous response of the Hawk-Eye system. As soon as the system identifies that the ball has crossed the goal line, it promptly transmits a signal to the official’s watch. This is a substantial improvement on previous years where players would have wasted valuable time questioning the referee’s decision thus intermittently removing the free-flowing rhythm of the game. Studies have found that “the International Football Association Board has stipulated that an “instant” system must be implemented: Hawk-Eye will provide an answer in less than 0.5 seconds.”
Furthermore, proponents of goal-line technology’s induction believe it is fundamentally essential to go ahead with the proposal as incorrect refereeing decisions can often result in football clubs suffering a financial injustice. There have been boundless incidents which have occurred throughout the history of the sport in which teams have been erroneously denied a key decision in their favour. For example, the FIFA World Cup knockout stage match between Germany and England held in 2010. With the match evenly poised at 1-1 and seven minutes remaining until half-time, Frank Lampard’s long distance strike ricocheted downwards off the crossbar before crossing the line by a considerable distance. However, the referee ruled that the ball did not cross the line. This may not have necessarily influenced the eventual outcome of the...

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