Goal Oriented Theory To Motivate The Employees

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Self-concept has many definitions but they all have the same meaning, which is, your perception of your own self and of your own abilities. Self concept is anperson ’s physical and psychological traits, their assets and liabilities, possibilities and limitations and strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is a first built upon beliefs but it is ultimate created through fortification of those belief by the action that we choose to take or not. Our self concept determines how we are going to live our lives. For example, if our self concept is positive and healthy, we are going to lead a healthy and balanced life. On other hand, if its shaky and fragile, we are definitely going to experience some unpleasant and overwhelming moments in our life. Therefore, it is very important to have a positive image about ourselves.
As a manager, it is essential to have a positive and healthy self concept. People who believes in themselves are more likely to do better in any task by making more of an effort, and persist longer, than those with poor self concept .The stronger a person believes in him/her, the more active the efforts are. So it’s all about the self concept. Whether you are a manager or to be managed, its solely depends on what you think about yourself that helps you to achieve your goals and to lead a happy life.
I see myself as a persistent and perfectionist manager. I like to compare my work to best in the field to set a goal for myself. I use this strategy to motivate my employees by showing them the best product available in the market and creative things we can do to improve over it. In this way, they are very clear on their goal and expectations. I believe a person will do or at least try to do well if they know whats expected of them. After setting goals, I urge my team to be persistent. Success cannot be achieved in a single attempt. Therefore, it is very important to keep trying to reach your goals even if you failed multiple times. I motivate my team by showing my faith in them and not letting them to give up after the first try. This strategy helps them to have the self-concept of being successful will result in making them successful. Last but not the least thing I do to motivate my team is to treat them with respect and make them feel appreciated. We are all emotionally driven creatures. Emotions plays an important role in our personal and professional life.So, it is important for a leader to have control over his/her emotions. Managers can't ignore the fact that their employees are people, with real lives and emotions that impact how they think, feel, and act. Managers with emotional intelligence understand that their staff members are people first and workers second. I treat my employees the way I want to be treated by others. This understanding motivates my team to go out their way to reach their , mine and company’s goals. This knowledge is important to have a happy, healthy and balanced work culture. Healthy work enviroment is...

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