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Psychology is the new science researching about human behaviors and why they alter. According to Feldman, psychology is the "scientific study of behavior and mental processes" (2013, p. 4). There are four basic goals of psychology, which are to describe, understand, predict, and control behavior. Suppose a group of psychologists are trying to investigate why some people express aggression more than others. They already described and understood the problem, so an experiment would be created. Based on the behavior pattern results, the psychologists must predict the reasoning and help certain people control their anger. The purpose of the four goals is to help researchers gain knowledge, and discover solutions to the problems (or disorders) that have been haunting humans.
To further explain human behavior in different ways, psychologists use the five major perspectives (neuroscience, cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, and psychodynamic). The neuroscience perspective includes how people and nonhumans function biologically (Feldman, 2013). It describes how the joining of nerve cells or how the characteristics of ancestors will affect behaviors. Neuroscience perspective understands that humans get their behaviors from either nature (heredity) or nurture (environmental factors). With the prediction that the nervous system affects performance, psychologists cured mental disorders to help people take control of their own behavior. As for the cognitive perspective, psychologists try to describe how people view and think about the world. They also understand that people's knowledge about the surroundings will influence their (people's) behavior. For example, if they are in a dark neighborhood, everyone stereotypically imagine shootings. Psychologists predict that behavior comes from how we understand the world, so they believe that examining those thoughts can aid in controlling our behavior. In the dark neighborhood, just standing there and being scared is pointless; questioning the thoughts and calling someone (like police or parents) to come and get you should be the better choice.
In the behavioral perspective, controlling a person's environment can give us any desired behavior (the "understand" goal). Psychologists describe that, "one could gain a complete understanding of behavior by studying and modifying the environment in which people operate" (Feldman, 2013, p. 17). For example, we all behave differently at home and at church. With the prediction that people learn new behaviors accordingly, researchers changed the environments of drug addicts so the people can finally take back the control over their mind and behavior. The humanistic perspective describes that behavior means to grow and develop, so that people can be in control of their own lives. This perspective also helped psychologists understand that people have the...

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