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Goals are not only dreams but they are also a possible reality that is willing to come true. It will take time, dedication, and hard work but with a positive attitude it can be done. We can’t just expect everything to be handed to us without any work being done and I’m just starting to learn that. As a freshman at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, I’m studying Media Technology as a career major of which we just received. Along this fun yet educational experience, I’ve set some goals for myself not only in trade but certainly for academics as well. Now if you don’t know what a goal is, the definition is “the result or achievement toward which effected; aim. ...view middle of the document...

I mean yes I have certain strengths that make me a better student but don’t get me wrong I also have a decent amount of flaws to my work habits that could very well affect my grades. I love reading and I can read quite well but I am extremely shy and when it comes to being around a certain number of people is when I can’t read well out loud. However, I read just fine in my head so for MCAS as long as I pay attention I should be alright. I am quite well in math as well but I do tend to make careless errors. Therefore I will work on proofreading more often and going through questions slower then I usually do to make sure I didn’t make a silly mistake. Now I don’t do a lot of my homework quite frequently and that’s a decent size of my grade right there and the only alternative for that would be to do my homework more often, always. The biggest challenge I seem to have in academics would be paying attention to something being said to me or shown in class. The strange thing is that I enjoy learning new things but to be completely honest I think my problem is that I get tired of hearing the same voices teaching me things everyday which is inconvenient for me because I can’t really do anything to fix this. What’s really fascinating about this is that it doubles right into my career major and the struggle I have in there as well and that would be paying attention to detail. My overall goal in academics would have to be to work harder with a positive outlook on everything I pass in.
Let us fast forward to about five years from this very moment. I graduated from high school and I took a two year course at a local college nearby, nothing big. I’m leaving home going to move to the big city, New York. I just sent in my application to Julliard anticipating to get an exception, just bought my own place. There’s an open call acting audition and I just tried out for the role. I got the leading act. My first real acting job. It...

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