Goals Of Advertisment And Public Relations

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Advertising and PR Task One Marketing Communications The goal of marketing communications is to reach a selected or target audience in order to affect its behavior. The main goals and objectives of this type of communication are to persuade, inform and remind the selected target audience with respect to the existing product(s) in the market. Reminding may be used towards an audience who are already aware of your product and have a positive attitude towards it. In addition to this informing the potential and present customer’s about your new and existing products is another very important function of marketing communication. Finally you may decide to concentrate on persuading customers to purchase any new or existing offer. Communication Communication is basically the passing of information or exchange of ideas between a sender and receiver. The success of this communication depends on the nature of the message, the audience’s interpretation of it and the environment in which it is received. Therefore communication must have a sender or source, message or channel of communication and a receiver. Communication begins with the source/sender i.e. the sender must select words, symbols, pictures, etc. to convey the message that needs to be passed on to the receiver. This process is known as encoding the message in such a way that the receiver should understand it. The message itself may be verbal or nonverbal, written or oral, or even symbolic. The channel is the medium by which the message travels from the source to the receiver. Decoding is the process of transforming the message into thought and is influenced by the receiver’s experiences, perceptions, attitudes and values. Another set of actions is the response or feedback from the receiver once the message has been received. In order to develop an effective communications program we must understand the process of response that the receiver must go through before they accept the product or service they wish to acquire. These models or theories are known as the response- process models. At this point I am going to suggest two models of theory for use and how they relate to the design of effective advertisements for Bodyfits. The two models chosen are AIDA Model and the Innovation Adoption Model. MODELS Stages Hierarchy of Effects Innovation Adoption Cognitive Stage Awareness Knowledge Awareness Affective Stage Liking Preference Conviction Interest Evaluation Behavior Stage Purchase Trial Adoption Hierarchy of Effects Model This model shows the process by which advertising works and assumes a customer passes through a series of steps in order from the initial awareness or a product to the purchase of the same product. This model is based on the premise that advertising effects occur over a period of time. It is through this model that your advertising campaign will be based on. First the product must be communicated to the market segment to bring about potential customer...

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