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Goals In The Movies Center Stage And Miracle

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Goals in the Movies Center Stage and Miracle

Dreams and goals are one thing that everyone has in common. Everyone has a dream or goal that they strive for; whether it takes a couple days to accomplish, or a lifetime, everyone has at least one. The movies Center Stage and Miracle tell two different stories of triumph, using determination and the inner belief of oneself, to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their dreams. In both of the movies they show that it takes a great deal of effort and time to reach ones goals, but everyone can accomplish them as long as their minds are set on them.

In the movie Center Stage there are many characters that are trying to live their dreams. It is about a group of young kids that tried out and made it into the best ballet academy. It shows the pain, heartbreak, and tears that it took them to discover themselves and follow their dreams. Jody Sawyer is the main character in the movie. She makes it into the academy but nobody understands how she got in. They all say that she has “bad feet”(Center Stage) and does not have the “perfect body type” (Center Stage). Jody makes herself practice hard and watches what she eats to get the appreciation that she deserves from her fellow ballet dancers and the instructors of the academy. She succeeds in doing this; her determination and discipline paid off. At the Company’s final dance recital she gets a standing ovation from the whole crowd; everyone was left in awe. Jody accomplished her dream in becoming an amazing ballet dancer.

The movie Miracle deals with the dreams and ambitions of the United States Olympic ice hockey team. It is a true story about courage, and ambition that lead them to the win against the Soviets. It all began at tryouts when the coach, Herb Brooks, pushed them to the max, that way he would be able to see the difference between the hockey players and the young boys who still had a while to go. With the discipline and hard work that the players had to go through, many did not believe in themselves and others just quit altogether. They all set their goals and had their dreams; all they needed was a little help from their coach and determination to succeed in that. The team ended up beating the Soviets in the biggest game in Olympic ice hockey history. It was a moment that will be remembered in history for a long time to come. This game will inspire the next generations to go for their dreams and never give up.

In both these movies, Center Stage and Miracle, everybody has dreams or goals that they would like to accomplish, but it is those who stand out and do something about it that triumph over the rest. Every dream or goal takes a lot of confidence in oneself and determination to accomplish it. These two movies are great examples of the trouble that people must go through to conquer their dreams; they both involve a mentor or coach that push them to the max,...

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