Goblis Essay

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Goblins is know as a sprite that is mischievous and also malicious the word goblin comes from the Greek kobalos meaning (“rogue”). The goblin origin is known to be originated somewhere in Europe but even more accurate somewhere in Britain or in lower Scandinavia (Now Sweden, Norway, Finland). Ranging in size from near human size to the size of a dog no more than a foot high, but a goblin is described to be able to grow three feet tall, and have a thick black, coarse hair covering their entire body, and yellow disgusting teeth, said to give disease to even come in contact with. The are told to be usually found wearing dark clothing and a cap of some kind.
Goblin children are abused by there elders to keep them mean and tough. Some things associated with goblins are; they do not like water so they never take baths, are told to be able to make fires from thin air and the creators of nightmares, they are very greedy and love money, and are often greedy and territorial as well with terrible tempers, they like playing tricks, but don't like being tricked themselves. Goblins could live anywhere as long as it was sheltered from sunlight meaning they only come out at night, which makes another story of what some farmers used to think that “Goblins are cruel to livestock and were blamed for causing many farmyard illness by pricking cattle (causing paralysis) or riding them to exhaustion during the night”(VillainsWiki).
There are not many famous goblin stories except one version of a story from the goblin/dwarf many may recognize as Rumplestiltskin. The story goes that the father of a beautiful daughter was in need of money and recognition of a mighty figure such as the king so he told the king that his daughter could spin gold from straw with just a spinning wheel and straw, she had three days and three nights to...

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