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Troll folklore originated from the first settlers in the English, German, Irish, Norwegian, Scottish and Swish which is mostly the Scandinavian area. Trolls usually have long noses, four finger and toes, and long hairy tails and can live to be hundreds of years old. Trolls are known to have a good side if you are nice to them and the are also known to guard treasures or friendly people.
Trolls are also known to be very slow, dumb, ugly, smelly and can be of any size. They tend to live in mountainous areas area lakes and under bridges. It is said that the trolls that live in the mountains are very wealthy, and the most dangerous type of trolls live in the forest.
Farmers of the Scandinavian area believed that trolls lived in dark places because sunlight hurt their eyes. They also said that they wouldn’t brush their teeth and wouldn’t care that much about appearance. When they would eat dinner they would throw the bones of the meat on the floor to keep it clustered and would always be stubborn about everything.
One type of troll the Tomtes was known to be nice and want to be friends with the farmers of the Scandinavian area. Tomtes had nicer faces and have a nicer personality. They often lived in barns because farmers would leave out milk and good food to eat in exchange for them to watch over the farm during the night.
The Nissen troll who also lived on a farm and was suppose to bring you good luck if you left Rommegrot which is a type of pudding. The Nissen troll good luck was suppose to bring you animal health for the next year
The American version of trolls is the Bro-Trollet which is the bridge troll because they lived under bridges and didn’t want people to cross their bridge.
The Fossegrimen troll was known to live under waterfalls and play a violin. The Fossegrimen would play music for you when you sleep and give you musical abilities if you threw them a present under the waterfall.
The Tomte-Gudden troll was the dancing type of troll. The Tomte-Gudden troll was known to be very annoying. He would never wash his hair and would jump out at young girls in the forrest and dance with them in circles un till they were dizzy.
Risse-Gudden was the forest troll and disagreed with everything. The Risse-Gudden troll was also known for making people slip on wet logs or making a branch break when someone would be climbing them, and making people careless...

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