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God An Essay On Whether God Exists

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GODDescartes in meditation three states his reasoning for the existence of God. The concept he uses to justify the existence of God is that God is so unique that to have the ability to think of a being of infinite power and wisdom must mean that that being exists. The idea is that something of less complexity, our minds or are being in general, can't produce the idea of something more complex, God or a God like being. This concept doesn't coincide with my inability to justify the existence of God through logic.To understand Descartes justification for the existence of God one must first have some general idea of Descartes' philosophy. In particular first we should examine the way in which Descartes describes or classifies thoughts and other mental processes. Descartes associates "ideas" with our concept of objects or images. Our concept of things like trees, houses, books, etc. These things are familiar to us and have a definite form that can be recalled. Descartes also has another classification of thoughts for those that go beyond the simple, familiar, concept that we have of them.These are other thoughts that can't be classified as simple "ideas". These are things like fear, or love. This classification of thoughts also includes things like denial or affirmation. According to Descartes these thoughts are classified as "affections" or "judgements". There are many things that Descartes feels can be attributed to these different classifications of thought with absolute certainty.The first, and most substantial, attribute that can be assigned to "ideas" is the simple fact that they cannot be false. "They cannot, properly speaking, be false; for, whether I imagine a goat or chimera, it is not less true that I imagine the one or the other" clearly states how Descartes denies the possibility of falsity in "ideas". This is not to say that he thinks all "ideas" are real, or that one cannot have an "idea", the concept of something, that doesn't exist. He is saying that the concept itself, in your mind, the thought itself, exists, and in that respect cannot be false. A similar claim can be made about "affections".Descartes again feels that it's impossible for an "affection" to be false. His reasoning is along the same line as his reasoning that "ideas" cannot be false. A person may desire something impossible, or may be in love with an imaginary person or object, but the "affection", or thought, still exists, and in that respect cannot be false. The last, and must crucial, classification of thoughts is "judgements". He classifies "judgements" as thoughts that affirm or deny something. Unfortunately for us this classification of thoughts can be false according to Descartes.Descartes biggest problem with "judgements" is that we have tendencies to apply "judgements" to our "ideas" in the same way we apply "judgements" to things external to our own minds. Looking at "ideas" as infallible things, Descartes feels that the majority of error with "judgements"...

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