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God And Devil Essay

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The question of identity regarding God and the Devil has been an ongoing dilemma for religious philosophers. No true identity can be formed due to the lack of undeniable evidence surrounding the figures. In addition, it has always been difficult to relate either characters to tangible or worldly matter; seeing how both are non-perceivable and equivocal figments in our minds. A start is to relate these supernatural beings to each other. The abilities of each are in contrast; God can create but not control, whereas, the Devil can control but not create. Creation is the act of making new matter, whereas the act of controlling is forcing matter to act based on the wishes of the controller. ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, God doesn’t have this power.
A counterargument for the fact that God can control is the line in Exodus where God says that he is going to harden the Pharaoh’s heart. The Pharaoh is the king of Egypt both politically and spiritually. When faced with the problem of the Jews and Moses, he could not let them leave because he would lose power. Admitting that Moses’s god was stronger than him would hurt his credibility and lose following. God didn’t directly harden the Pharaoh’s heart. Indirectly, the idea of God forced the Pharaoh to hold the Jews as long as he could. God may have foreseen this outcome, but he didn’t use his power to control the mind and heart of the Pharaoh.
God’s lack of ability to control is evident during the death of Jesus around 25 AD. Jesus is sent by God to spread reformed Judaism and heal the world. Doing great mitzvahs and really making a difference, Jesus began to gain a following, which was what God hoped for. Then, Jesus is betrayed by one of his loyal followers and is crucified on a cross. Crying out right before his death, Jesus yells out to God asking why he has forsaken him. Common sense would give the notion that one would be inclined to protect something or someone who is successfully advocating as one’s proxy. Whether or not God would purposefully protect his son due to familial bonds is questionable, but protection of a prophet is a no brainer. Secondly, under the belief that Jesus and God are one and the same. Jesus would not have needed to ask God why he was abandoned and not protected. God would have protected himself if he possessed the ability to; instead he was killed on the cross.
The War for Heaven is fought in Revelations 12:7-13 between a group of angels and the devil. After an exhausting battle, the angel defeats the devil, and the devil falls to Earth. It is commonly thought and written about that God focused on the human race equally if not more than his own children. God cared immensely about them, leading to the revolt if Lucifer. In a perfect world for God he would like to see his humans free from the tyranny of the Devil. This is supported in the stories of Jesus, Job and Faust; God sacrifices these men, the first being righteous the latter being sad, for the protection of the human race. The Devil takes weeks if not months focused on these people trying to break their spirit, leaving the rest of the world to enjoy their liberty. God would have sent the Devil to another world if he could've and kept the humans safe.
The question of God's ability to control is brought up throughout debates determining God's control of the future and free will. God can determine the future without actually controlling living things. Free will and God knowing the future aren't mutually exclusive. Future is predicted by humans all the time, without physical control of anything. Gambling, chess, stocks, weather and politics are all parts of life that involve prediction of future events...

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