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God And You Essay And Topic Of What Our Faith Experience Is In Our Daily Lives Religion Paper

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1.What has your relationship with God been like up to this point in your life? 
My relationship with God has been strong but I would like for it to become stronger. I feel less close to God when I am doing something else. I want to be able to grow closer to him my first year in high school. I want to be able to dedicate more time in prayer with him. I try and go to mass when I can. As I get older I am getting stronger in my faith. Going to a Catholic school has opened up more opportunities for me.

2. What has your experience of prayer been like up to this point in your life?
My prayer experience has become stronger as I get older. When I was younger I thought praying was not important. Now as I am older I am realizing how important prayer is. It has...

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