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God Eye: The U.S Government's Obsession With Its Own People

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The Age of Technology we currently inhabit is one that I truly believe will be reflected upon as the greatest [age] of all time by the time it is over. I say this because of the sheer amount of technological developments we have at our disposal, the revolutionary breakthroughs we have made, and in sheer awe of the of the amount of potential possibilities that we have at our disposal to unlock and grant the future. Although, we are amidst a great age of time, there are still flaws apparent throughout that still continue to linger unwanted by many- myself included. One such flaw that has continued to plague us with its existence is law enforcement’s along with the U.S government’s abrupt favoritism of invading our privacy by utilizing whatever despicable means they have at their disposal to do so. One such mean that law enforcement as well as the government as a whole possess are the cameras they use to watch us: these cameras that track us as if we are only mere dots on a screen, not human beings with any expectance of privacy. Yes, I, for one, believe wholeheartedly that any acts of intrusive surveillance such as that of law enforcement biased, favored usage of cameras upon an individual or populace constitutes a valid offence of the charge known as invasion of privacy.

This old argument of privacy vs. national security is one that many people, I hope, will agree should be in favor of the people. I understand that the times we live are truly turbulent and violent times but that does NOT excuse the government’s apparent overreach of its initial powers and duties just to satisfy its own ego! Privacy is something that we as citizens should not be nor ever expected to sacrifice to any degree, for the nationwide expectance of national security. If we, as nation endorse this practice, it will open a finely drawn “gray area” of the law to be exploited by many corrupted individuals.

Many conspiracy theories among with their theorists that have theorized that the U.S government has incited previous events and even wars just for the sole sake of furthering their own agenda. To this, I remark by saying that I would not be surprised in the very least. Fast forward to current day, and what I have observed throughout our society would in some way support that assumption. Matter of fact, I would even fathom to assume that amongst presidents throughout history, there have been secrets that have been passed down from one to the next: a “black book” filled with secrets known only to the president. Secrets that I believe if they were to ever be revealed would crush this country down to its very core. One such secret could entail the eventual takeover of the entire U.S civilian infrastructure on every level by tracking their every move: physically made or metaphysically made such as online and through thirds parties.

There have been many instances which seem to showcase the apparent fact that the U.S government is slowly but surely indeed planning...

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