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God Father Essay

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Rick and Terry nee to rise above their evil surroundings to be able to survive. What mean by this is that if they both did not rise above it then both of them would have been captured into the world of the evil and it would of destroyed both of them. Rick would of gone to jail while Terry would of gotten them self's killed.The one problem with both of these characters I s that they are to munch of a nice guy's. They both are capable of being able but are missing something from the both of them to get to the point ...view middle of the document...

Rick did stay behind and took care of the problem. Rick had to find out some way to make sure that he wasn't arrested. Rick was able to convince the cop that it was a better idea to keep Rick alive then to kill him. By getting the girl out of there this show how munch Rick love this girl and there for winning over the audience as being one of the good guy's of the film.Terry struggle to survive was harder then Rick because in the process terry did get the crap beat out of him and was able to survive from his injuries and take over the union and let every body to work. Terry had to prove that there was something going on with the union leaders, that he just wasn't crazy. He did prove his love to his girl and captured her hart. He fought ageists the union leaders and I hguess you could say became the hero of the movie. With the last shot in the film showing the doors close showed that doors were closing on the past on the troubles with the union leaders and beyond those closing doors were the new era of opportunity for the workers.In the end of booth of this movie booth characters were able to rise above the evils of the film and to conquer them and to start a new beginning for both of their characters.

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