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Dau, John Bul., and Michael S. Sweeney. God Grew Tired of Us. Washington, DC: National Geographic, 2007. Print
Many people have an understanding about themes of geography and elements of culture. But some of the people cannot put those components to a book they have read. I have done so using the Elements of Culture, Language, government, and Customs and Traditions. I also used the Themes of Geography, Absolute location, Interaction, and Human and Physical Place. Doing this has helped me analyze God Grew Tired of Us.
Component one: Elements of Culture
Language is one of my main Elements of Culture. In the book, God Grew Tired of Us language is used several times. “More than 10 million ...view middle of the document...

Elements of Culture would definitely be a main component to this story.
Component two: Themes of Geography
Themes of Geography are just as important in this story as Elements of Culture are. Absolute Location is a main theme because it is where to story takes place. It starts out in Sudan, the second biggest country in Africa. The main character grew up here all of his life before going to the U.S. He experienced his share of lion attacks and sounds of the other fatal animals that inhabit Africa. The Interaction is also a well mentioned theme. “When the tall grass burned down, we burned it to clear the ground for hunting.” This is interaction because they are changing to world around them. Also when a Susan Meyer drove to the Hancock Airport she expected John, the main character, to look confused when they got off the airplane. They didn’t and walked by them like they didn’t see Susan. For Physical Place”The desert Achvil trees soaked up the moisture.” They looked out and saw these trees. There isn’t much life in the desert but to find these trees, they knew there was some moisture.
Component three: Literature
The story God Grew Tired of Us is about a man named John Bul Dau who lost his parents due to war has to walk a very long way to get help. He gets help from refugee camps that have thousands of kids 3-13 years old. He not much older has to take care...

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