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"God Given Gifts And Talents" Narrative Creative Writting English

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The entire gymnasium was silent. Every single person in the gym was standing at this moment, with his or her eyes fixated on the small, skinny girl, whose figure duplicated that of the microphone she was holding. Hearing her voice reminded me the birds that chirped and sang ever so delightfully to awaken me each and every morning. As I stood on the end line with my team, my eyes scanned the horizon. Seeing the bleachers filled to capacity made me realize how lucky I really was. I had tingles going through my body, like it was Christmas morning or something, as everyone anxiously awaited the game to begin. This is what high school dreams are made of.As the crowd sat silently, the players slowly huddled around. This is the moment that the team had dreaded all season long, and it has happened only two plays into the match. An aerial view would show the circle of players gathered around a fallen man, number nine. This would be a long match if this superstar did not return to the game, he had worked himself into becoming the heart and soul of this team, in that he was main driving force of inspiration each match. Just by watching him you could see that everyday he was giving 110% and nothing less. He was a prime example of someone who loves the game they play.As he lay there screaming in pain and grabbing his ankle as if he had a healing touch, nobody knew what to do but stand there and watch. The entire arena was completely silent, even the opposing teams fans didn't know what to do. The kid that everyone called miller- time, who was wearing a cut volleyball on his head and had his extremely large gut painted red and white, the teams school colors, paused in midst of his wild behavior. See this was an unfortunate tragedy that you think only happens in movies. But the reality of the matter was that this was real, maybe even a little too real.It seemed as though time had stopped as if a higher being took the remote control and hit the pause button so they could get another beer and go relieve themselves in the bathroom. At this time everyone was watching carefully, as if there lottery numbers were being read and they were only one number away from the jackpot, to the simple tests that the trainer on duty was performing on the fallen comrade. But each movement only brought about more pain.See let me explain why this was such a bad thing that number nine had gone down to an ankle injury. This was the 1999 State Volleyball Championship. The match had only just begun. In volleyball there are matches, each match consists of a set of games. Each game is up to fifteen points. The first team to win the best out of five games is the winner. Number nine who was only a junior had in fact become the most dominant player in the state as a junior on a team, whose roster was completely dominated by older, bigger senior. The team also has a very impressive history for winning; they had won the championship the last two years, and had won it eight times in the last...

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