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Today we are continuing with our Creedal Series and we are onto maker of heaven and earth. Somehow I drew the short straw and got this immense topic. I had to keep reminding myself the purpose of this series is that we understand what is in the Creeds so that when we say them we believe them and comprehend them. Often in the church we take things for granted and regurgitate phrases without understanding the roots of what we are saying and what we are committing to. Somehow I don’t think I have to go into what creator of heaven and earth means but to help our entire community understand that even with all the advances in understanding of the world and in the world of science this is as true as when it was written over 1400 hundred years ago.
We live in a society where some say you need to check your brain at the church door or that science is our enemy. We have nothing to fear from science and dare I say that certain aspects of evolution can be true and at the same time God is still God and the Bible is still relevant and true. First, let me start with saying that there are numerous scientists, physists, astronomers, and even molecular biologists, who believe in God being the creator of heaven and earth. Learning about the world around us has not taken away their belief in God. Studying what makes up the earth and the world only helps them to see that their is some element that is behind it all, one that they may not be able to see, or touch, but would be needed to create order out of all that is.
Francis Collins heads of the US side of the Human Genome Project, the group that mapped human DNA, he is a firm believer in a personal God, even if evolution occurred. As a matter of fact the more he studied human DNA, he realized that the genetic code used must be from a creator, and not just pure coincidence. Now you see that double helix on the screen, it is like a ladder all living things are based off of that made up of only 4 chemicals A, C, T, and G and A always pairs with T and C only pairs with G and each one of these groupings is a base pair. They are held together by alternating sugar and phosphate groups. The simplest single cell bacteria is made up of only a couple of million base pairs and that is called its genome. The more complicated the body plans the greater the number of base pairs in the genome.
The human genome has 3.1 billion but amphibians have more and a plant known as a whisk fern with no flowers, no leaves, and no fruit has a genome 100 times larger than our own. All living creation are built with this genetic coding, God is the original scientist who created the laws of the universe and used them to create life. Only a creator could find the irony of making a simple fern having such a complex DNA structure.
During the press conference telling of the news of the completion of the mapping of the human genome Francis Collins encouraged then President Clinton to state in his speech “Today we are...

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