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God's Existence Essay

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Running Head: GOD'S EXISTENCEGod's ExistenceGod's ExistenceIntroductionThe dilemma of the "Existence of God" has afflicted flesh for many of years. The existence of God was already never denied, as His presence, His existence was axiomatic in miracles and the people's faith. But time and the advance of current science have called God and His actual attributes into question. The Perfect Being has become the antecedent of mush controversy and doubt. What was already assertive and absolutely absolute has become a lot of questioned. The faithful, assertive humans accept become unsure. Often called the founder of advanced philosophy the father of advanced thought, Rene "Descartes chose to yield up the affidavit of the actuality of God in his Meditations on First Philosophy" (Nagy, 2007, 121-125).DiscussionThe existence of God is still a question human all ponder in their head. There is no one alive today that can tell that God exist and they have seen God itself. On the other hand if people were to hear a person tells them that the existence of God is a fact, then who to say that they will believe that person? Analysis itself basically says that everything has a beginning; therefore Earth itself has to be created by what most of us believed to be by God, while other believes the scientific views of how Earth is created. Before the sun there was another star that blew up due to the fact that everything dies out when it reaches a certain age. When the star blows up, the dust and gas would then formulate in to another sun. The Big Bang theory basically states how the sun was created and while the sun was created so were nine planets. Unfortunately the existence of God is still not clear. Therefore the origin of religion is still vague. We do not know where religion came from or why do people believe in their religion. It has to do with whether or not they believe that their religious figure is real.The timeline of the religious stories does not match with the timeline of the scientifically views of the evolution of human beings. According to the bible if humans were created so quickly after the earth were created, then that means the evolution of dinosaurs had to be false, if it was based on the bible. The scientific viewpoints shows that humans were not yet created in one week after the earth had been created. The first living creatures had to have been amebas and bacteria or any other microscopic living organisms. Humans were not during that period of time.The first proven theory takes on the existence of God that was of a brilliant mathematician named Blaise Pascal. Pascal studied calculus and was very good at using math to figure out anything. He was asked if he believed in God, and if so could he prove it with math. "His reply developed into a theory in which he states it is better to believe in a God than to deny it. By analyzing the difficulty rationally he came to this conclusion" (Mayell, 2009, 182-186). Pascal estimated that the way to look at...

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