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“Jesus said to them again, ‘...as the Father has sent me I also send you’” -John 20:21. This verse shows us Christ’s will for Christians to proclaim His Father’s word. But why would mission work be so important that the Holy One Himself would feel the need to implore Christians on His Father’s behalf to go forth and teach as Christ himself taught? The answer is simple, not encoded within the context of vague scriptures. In 1 John 2:2 the Bible says, “He himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not ours only, but also for the whole world”. With this logic it stands to reason that mission work is a necessity, for if our sins have been acquitted does it not also mean that we ourselves ...view middle of the document...

For is it not the mind of God that stands behind the mind of the individual (Chambers )? Mission work therefore is not the work of the missionary, but the one who sent the missionary. I then reduce to this one simple and straightforward truth, the reason for missions is to progress the work of the one who set the plan into motion.
Subsequently, it is imperative that we now begin to scrutinize in more detail the goal and purposes of an average mission agency based on the objective and intentions of a trustworthy and prominent mission agency. This credible agency is called Partners International. The agency’s main goal is to “focus on connecting the global Christian community in high-impact partnerships for the glory of God" (Partners International). Their methods for advancing the message of the Bible include identifying native, indigenous leaders in the faith and to equip them for teaching (Partners International). Through this method of advancement, Partners International is able to provide a way of supplying urban areas with the pure message of Christ’s love through individual inhabitants of the region. The agency has been in operation since 1943, and has been partnering with communities since before it had the name “Partners International” (Partners International). It is through embassies such as this that the Lord works his divine plan.
As a final point, we will now analyze the effects that missions has had in an environment which is hostile towards the teachings of the Bible. “All countries within North Africa are hostile toward our God. One cannot simply walk into a country such as one of these and proclaim that which we know to be true,”...

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