God's Gift To Women. Analyze Song Lyrics Using Two Vectors Of Feminist Theory.

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God's Gift to WomenIn her song, "God's Gift to Women", Jewel takes an interesting and indirect approach in disparaging popular and chauvinistic views on women's role in heterosexuality. Instead of directly attacking these ideas, she takes a sarcastic route. Her whole song mocks men's beliefs towards women by speaking in the voice of a man's "perfect woman". In my analysis of Jewel's lyrics, I used two vectors of feminist theory; gender and sexuality.According to Ann Russo, heterosexuality constructs men as dominant over women (Russo, Ch. 6). "God's Gift to Women" confirms the narrow-minded belief that women are men's play things. This message is confirmed in the first few lines of the song.Would you like to ram your tongue down my throat?Would you like to grab my thighs?Yes, I have got nice titsThey are the perfect grab me sizeThis section is very direct and vulgar. It plays with the notion that women are overly-sexual and don't deserve respect, because they clearly don't respect themselves. The speaker of these lyrics is using her body parts as her identity and is inviting men to do to her what they please.This song also jokes about the concept that men are somewhat "holy" and that women aren't complete without the company of a man; the higher being. Women feel honored and excited when a man, any man for that matter, pays attention to her because she is so below him. The title, as well as the chorus, illustrates this conclusion.I get this tiny little boost of adrenalineWhen I think about what I'll be givingMy own private God's gift to womenMy own private God's gift to womenMy own private God's gift to womenYeah, yeah...The speaker expresses excitement and anticipation when she thinks about the subject of giving her body to a man. Not one man, specifically, just any man in general. The line "my own God's gift to women" makes her sound honored and surprised.Not only is this woman honored and surprised by the privilege of this man's attention, she says that she is desperate to have sex with him. This also puts men on a higher pedestal than women because using the word desperate suggests that men have something women not only crave, but need to survive.I've been saving myself my whole lifeFor some sketcher like you to come alongI am so desperateI'll do you on the front lawn.In the last line, "I'll do you on the front lawn", she shows that she has no self-respect and/or dignity when it comes to satisfying a man. She is there merely to fulfill the man's...

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