God's Will And How He Desires For Us To Do Better In Life, Generally St.Thomas/Religion Assignment

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Introductory Quiz Reflection
1. Are you pleased with the mark you received and your performance?
No, I am not impressed with the mark I received on the introductory quiz because I had made several errors which required common sense. Instead I did the quiz very fast and did not check what I had written thoroughly. Furthermore, I was not concentrating hard enough during the quiz because I had an important test the next period. If I had however, concentrated, kept my cool I believe that I could have done far better than what I did. In conclusion, I am not impressed with my mark and believe that I could make several amendments to prevent such mistakes from reoccurring in the foreseeable future
2. How did you immediately feel after receiving your mark?
I felt like I didn’t do that well and didn’t perform up to my expectations. While looking through the mistakes I made I felt like I could have been more thorough and check what I had written. I also felt that I could have been more rigorous while understanding the questions and clearly writing what they asked. Also, felt that I could have also studied instead of coming into class and doing the quiz without studying. I believe that if I studied I could have improved my performance. However, I also felt like I had more opportunities to get a better grade in future assignments and assessments such as the exegesis quiz and my personal story assignment. In conclusion, the next time I write a quiz or test I expect to know everything, because I studies and get a good overall grade.
3. Is there anything you could have done differently?
Yes, I believe there were many amendments I could have made to improve my performance for the future. For example, for this quiz I did not study at all or review what we learnt in class. If I had studied, I would have known the information ,more thoroughly and could have gotten a better mark in general. Anything thing I could have done was...

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