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"God Sees Everything" Essay

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Perhaps the most underrated character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, is George Wilson. He is a man of ash obsessed with the wrath of God. Wilson is truly a man of the scriptures: humble, righteous, and God-fearing. Wilson is the physical hand of God once his wife, Myrtle, the one thing tying him down to the Earth, is murdered. Introduced as the oblivious husband to a cheating wife, George Wilson overcomes his limitations and from there, steamrolls into becoming the hand of fate.
George Wilson is a nobody. He has no money, no land, and no power. The only things he has to his name are his business and his wife, Myrtle. In Chapter Two, when Wilson is introduced, it is only ...view middle of the document...

Myrtle, in a conversation with her sister Catherine, states that she only married the man because “he was a gentleman, but he wasn’t fit to lick my shoe” (Fitzgerald 34). She began to regret marrying him the day after they were married when she discovered that he borrowed another man’s suit to marry her. She, as a result, cried long and hard for an entire afternoon after realizing that she threw away her future of success for a man who is poor.
Wilson does not resurface again until chapter seven. Again, the sign to his garage is noticed before he is. This time around, George Wilson is green, breathing hard, and needs help to be supported. Although there is no root cause for his sickness, it can only be inferred that because the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg saw what Myrtle has done with Tom, Wilson is now aware of the affair yet he continues to have a more flowing conversation with Tom. Wilson even smiles before he tells Tom about his plans for the future with Myrtle. To them, moving west is a new opportunity for them so that they can get away from these reckless people, start another business, and keep their marriage in tact. Wilson is determined in getting her away from their current situation. Consequently, Tom reacts harshly.With this new color and state of physicality, Wilson appears to be thinking for himself for once. He tells Tom that “(he) just got wised up to something funny the last two days” (Fitzgerald 124). Because of this new information, he keeps pestering Tom about the car and about getting away. Now, this can only be evident that Wilson does know about the affair, just not who it is with. After the exchange between the two men, Nick notices that they both are sick: Tom is physically sick from the shock that Myrtle has other affairs; Wilson “looked so sick that he looked guilty, unforgivably guilty.” Their reactions are not commonplace for the adulterer and the husband. Wilson and Tom’s reactions should have been switched. The chapter continues on until Michaelis, which could be an allusion to Michael, God’s archangel, reintroduces Wilson back into the chapter after discovering him “pale as his hair and shaking all over” and advising him to go back to sleep (Fitzgerald 136). As his sickness is progressing, his attitude is evolving. Wilson actually locks his wife up in their apartment. This act even shocks Michaelis, his neighbor for four years. No one thinks he could have been capable of such an action. Fitzgerald then remarks about how Wilson used to be: working and when he was not, people watching. Wilson has even come to the conclusion that he is “his wife’s man and not his own.” Michaelis then departs from Wilson, and only observes from the outside of the apartment, hearing in. Myrtle is demanding Wilson to beat her. She is clearly not used to Wilson standing up for himself. As a result, she rushes out onto the street, recognizing a car she thinks to be Tom’s, but is ran over. The situation is then changed to be in the perspective...

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