God Vs Science Essay

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This is one topic that has been in debate over a decade. The fundamental difference if put it simply, science is based on evidence and religion is based on faith. Certain people believe that God exists and miracles do happen and we all have faith in God for what he does.On the contrary, certain people believe that man has evolved through science and according to science, many factors could not have had an explanation as to how it has happened and hence cannot be believed, as science gives an explanation to every events occurring.When an individual has faith in something, he does not require an evidence to prove what is happening and this is opposed by a scientific mind-set. People analyse a situation through various thinking and it could based on either religious believes or on scientific thinking and this is where the confusion arise. A beautiful debate is being illustrated between Albert Einstein and his student at one of his class sessions.Einstein was an atheist and hence he believed that there is no God and only science existed. In one of his classes a debate accidentally starts related to the topic God vs. Science. He asks one of his students, who are a firm believer in God to answer to his questions. His questions were simple initially and he wanted to make sure that the student was a strong believer in God.He started the conversation by asking whether God was good or bad and what would the student do if he had the powers to heal a sick and dying person? The student readily said he would heal. To this Einstein says that he lost his brother, who suffered cancer but was a strong believer in God and why God did not help.He also continues stating that it was god who created Satan and thus that was how evil came to existence and he concludes his conversation by stating that we have five sense organs and unless by any of these sense organs if we have not experience God, then how could we believe that god exists. It is only by faith and not by evidence that we believe, God exists.To this his students counter through various simple scientific questions. The student...

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871 words - 4 pages of faith, and there cannot be true or false arguments, because all the people are willing to decide, whether they believe in existence of God, or not. It is the inner choice of everybody, and sooner or later we will all find out the truth. Works Cited Craig , William vs. Dacey, Austin, Does God Exist?, Purdue University,2004, available at: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Craig-Dacey+debate&search_type=&aq=f

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