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God Wills All Men To Be Saved And To Come To The Knowledge Of The Truth (Nab)

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This paper will defend what Christians should mean by 1Timothy 2:3-4, “This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” This scripture has been interpreted many ways by many theologians, but I shall defend the scripture with the knowledge and understanding of what this scripture means.
(1) God desires that all men be saved because “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promises as some understand slowness, instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9 NIV). Bear in mind that our Lord patience means salvation.
(2) “I have no pleasure in death of him who dies ...view middle of the document...

God does not deal in partiality and God is not unfair in his dealings, we may not understand God’s way because he is so infinite. His ways are not like ours his thoughts are not like ours, but they are much higher (Isaiah 55:8-9 KJV).
How we feel or believe God should perform is not our business but we must trust his ways even when we don’t think he’s being fair. God’s way is the best way. God’s call is to the nation it’s to the world no one left out but still we have a choice. “In him we all are chosen having been predestined according to the plan” (Ephesian1:11 KJV). St. Augustine understands Paul meaning of the word “all” were kings and all who were in high places, well Augustine’s understanding was almost correct, salvation is for whomever will come to him it doesn’t matter what position, denomination, color, rich, poor, on the mountain top or in the valley his desire is that “all” be saved. God didn’t say that they would all be saved but that his desire for them is that they would. In order to be saved one must acknowledge and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God hath raised Jesus from the dead then he said we shall be saved (Roman 10:9 KJV). After the Pelagians had confronted Augustine about his interpretation of the scripture, Augustine refuted their doctrine that God had given everyone the gift of salvation but believed that salvation meant everyone has the opportunity to be saved. Everyone is not automatically saved just because Jesus died for our sins so we wouldn’t be lost but we have to accept it in our hearts. “Turn to me and be saved, a; the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other. So the opportunity is right now. Wherever we spend life’s eternity is based upon how we live our life for Christ here on this earth. “Him who comes to me I will certainly not cast out” (John 6:37 KJV). Jesus will humbly and gladly accept those with open arms that will accept him, that’s why his desire is for all to turn to him now while Jesus is still calling. Gregory of Nyssa and Origen asserted that all whom God had created would finally be saved in Christ. The thought is wonderful, we can imagine all of our friends and love ones all together again rejoicing at the glorious wonder that we made it in, unfortunately, we know that’s not the case and Jesus never said it would happen that way. We must give our lives totally to him like he gave his to us not as a dead sacrifice but a living sacrifice. The Pelagians meaning of the word “desire” took a different approach, they believed God only saved the predestined and all others don’t even have a prayer. God is not harsh but is loving and kind towards us even though we deserve nothing but punishment but even when he chastises us it’s only because he loves us. God is also a God of wrath he will not be made a mockery out of just because he doesn’t punish us like we really deserve but still have mercy on us. St Prosper says no salvation of anyone individual can take place without...

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