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Gods And Goddesses Essay

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Gods and GoddessesGreek mythology is a set of divine traditional tales told by ancient Greeks about the exploits of gods and heroes and their relations with ordinary mortals. The gods were "numina, divine manifestations, faceless, formless, but no less powerful" (Crystal 1). Gods and goddesses of Greek mythology resembled extraordinarily powerful human beings. They experienced emotions such as jealousy, love, and grief. They shared with humans a desire to assert their own authority and to punish anyone who defied it. Gods and goddesses were beings that were thought to have supernatural or superhuman powers and were considered worthy of worship. They were greatly admired or respected and thought of as very important.The isolation of one state, or city-state in this case, from another was one reason why the stories that people told of the gods and mortals varied from place to place. Stories weren't written down, and instead passed on by mouth from one generation to another, each adding their own imagination and creativity. As is most fold legends, some is truth, such as the most famed city of Troy. A German businessman by the name of Heinrich Schliemann had a dream all of his life to find the city of Troy and prove that the Greek myths were based on some truth. To the amazement of professional archaeologists, he found the city of Troy, or the site of where it used to be. He had dug right through the city and found an even older city hidden beneath. He found it by following the clues he read in the myths. Using the same method, this great explorer found the city of Mycenae, home of the Greek King Agamemnon.Greeks did not only believe in one god or goddess, but many in fact. Most all their gods or goddesses associated with great forces of nature or human emotions. Poseidon was the god of the sea and Aphrodite was the goddess of love. Before battle, Greeks would ask Ares, god of war, for help in time of warfare. Others would represent practical and leisure activities. For example, Hestia was the goddess of home, Demeter was goddess of harvest, Apollo was the god of music, and Athene(a) was the goddess of the arts and wisdom. Some were given a number of attributes or responsibilities such as Apollo. Not only was he the god of music, but of archery, medicine, and prophecy. Zeus and his wife Hera ruled all gods and goddesses and watched everything from the heights of Mount Olympus, a mountain in northern Greece. Gods ruled, above all, by jealousy and their desire for revenge. However, Greeks didn't want gods and goddesses to be too powerful so by mixing them with mortals in legends and giving them human weaknesses, they kept the balance. For example, Zeus was to be expected to be dignified and responsible at all times, being the ruler over all, yet he could not resist the attraction of a pretty girl.Gods and goddesses that play a major role in legends that we are most familiar with are known as the New Gods. They didn't just come out of nowhere; there is...

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